Quick notes:

  • Healing crystals can inspire you to make gains in work and money
  • Set an intention first, then find a crystal to match that intention
  • Research where crystals are harvested from to make sure they’re from a sustainable source

Having a healing crystal or two might provide guidance for work and money gains. But just buying a bunch of crystals isn’t going to cut it — set an abundance-manifesting intention, using a crystal to reach that goal.

First thing’s first: Set an intention

“People … put a lot of stock in crystals and have a million crystals at home or in their office, and they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s just rock,’” says Taina Berardi, yoga therapist, meditation teacher, and reiki master healer at California-based Sojourn Healing Collective. “But it’s really the intention that you put into it. Just like setting the intention for yourself, it can be a symbol for that intention.”

You can start by first setting an intention, aka an action or goal you plan to reach.

In terms of work and money, your intention could be something like “Be more confident at work,” “Save more money,” or “Make more money.”

Taina Berardi, crystals for work and money
Photo courtesy of Taina Berardi

Then select a crystal that matches that intention

Here are some crystals Berardi likes for manifesting abundance:

Pyrite: Often called “fool’s gold,” pyrite’s color is similar to that of actual gold, says Encyclopedia Britannica. It’s good for attracting wealth and dealing with finances, says Berardi.

Citrine: Ranging from an almost clear to a deep yellow, citrine is a gemstone for monetary abundance, personal power, and manifesting prosperity, says Berardi.

Green aventurine: Aventurine comes in other colors, but its green variety is colored by the mineral chrome mica (aka fuchsite). It encourages a positive mindset when thinking about money, says Berardi.

Green jade: Usually the color of U.S. dollar bills, jade is a tough, compact gemstone with a high polish. Like green aventurine, it also signifies prosperity.

There are others recommended in an article on Girlboss’ blog, like rose quartz, selenite, and amazonite. Ultimately, whichever crystal you choose should have attributes you value or need.

Place your crystal somewhere that’ll remind you of your intention

Once you’ve selected the best crystal for the job, Berardi recommends placing your crystals in a personal place where you’re reminded of your intention. It could be your purse, bra, car, pocket, or maybe even your bedside table.

“When you wake up in the morning, that intention is the first thing that you recognize,” says Berardi. “Or when you put your hand in your pocket, it reminds you of that intention.”

Green aventurine, crystals for gaining abundance
Ra’ike/Wikimedia Commons

Crystals need to be cleansed and recharged

Conducting a ritual with your crystals can help reconnect you with the intention you set. Berardi says an easy ritual to do is cleansing and charging your crystals. (Cleansing and charging are relatively the same thing, she says.)

“There is no right or wrong way to cleanse and charge your crystals,” writes Rachelle Charman in Crystals: Understand and Connect to the Medicine and Healing Crystals. “Make sure to tune in to and work with the process that feels most effective for you.”

The most important part of cleansing and charging is to set a cleansing intention, then apply whatever technique you choose, continues Charman. Here are a few to try:

Water: Salt water can be used to rid unwanted energies. If using fresh water, bottled or “energetically clear” water (i.e., water found in nature) is best, recommends Charman. Don’t cleanse crystals with striations, or with soft or brittle textures, in water.

Smudging: Burn herbs or incense and blow the smoke over the crystals, says Charman.

Sunlight or moonlight: Berardi says crystals can be placed in either moonlight or sunlight to charge and cleanse.

Placing them in the Earth: Since crystals come from the Earth to begin with, it only makes sense that they can be placed back there to recharge.

Other energizing and charging methods include energy grids, other crystals, energy pendants, reiki, visualizations, and more, says Charman.

Citrine, crystals for gaining abundance

Who you buy crystals from matters

Now it’s time for your daily dose of reality: That crystal on your desk might’ve been harvested unsustainably. The New Republic published a story by Emily Atkin which looked into where crystal shops source their crystals. Atkins managed to find out that some popular crystal sellers procured their products from countries with terrible labor and environmental regulations.

So what can be done? Berardi suggests that consumers ask shop owners for their crystals’ sources. She says she’ll shop at gem fairs as sellers are likely to be knowledgeable of sourcing. As far as the “best sources” go, Atkins’ article states that Canada, Finland, Argentina, Botswana, Spain, and the Philippines have strong sustainable mining regulations.

“You can tell in the pricing of the crystal too,” says Berardi. “If they’re really cheap, you might realize that they are brought to you by ways of … places where they use unsustainable labor practices.”

After all, it can’t truly be healing if it comes at someone else’s expense.

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