make extra money

Pexels/Megan Markham

If you’re on the hunt for a great side gig, why not get paid to do something you already do for free? Here you’ll find a list of things it may never have occurred to you that you that people will pay you for. After all, who says that side jobs can’t involve getting paid for something you already love?

Sell those Instagram photos

Thanks to social media sites like Instagram, phones are now being designed with incredible cameras that cater to the Internet’s obsession with photography. It’s likely you already share multiple photos a week online, so why not try charging for them?

With sites like Twenty20, you can upload your photos and get paid for each one that sells. With new sites and blogs going up online every day, you’d be surprised at how many people out there are always on the hunt for royalty-free photographs.

Score some extra cash cooking

These days, there’s no need to be a gourmet chef to make money preparing meals. Sites like EatWith, Feastly, and BonAppetour can help you turn your home into a restaurant for the evening.

These sites are especially popular among tourists who are looking to experience dining with locals. Then, of course, there are also foodies, who just love trying out new foods all the time!

Get paid to hang out with pets

Ever wish you could just sit around all day playing with dogs or petting cats? There are not only people who do it, but who make a pretty good living at it.

By signing up to sites like Rover or simply applying with petsitting companies near you, you too can join in the fun. Whether you want to walk dogs and feed cats for people while they’re at work or even babysit animals in your own home, the possibilities are as endless as they are adorable.