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If you’re full of wanderlust, but your bank account says to stay home and binge Netflix instead, then listen up! This summer, you can travel to Europe for under $100 with WOW Air. Yeah, that’s right — less than $100.

Where Will You Go?

The cheapest one-way flights from WOW Air with departure dates from August 6 to October 26 are to Reykjavik, Iceland. Below are some common U.S. airports that you can depart from for only $99.

• Boston to Reykjavik: $99
• Chicago to Reykjavik: $99
• Cleveland to Reykjavik: $99
• Dallas-Fort Worth to Reykjavik: $99
• New York (JFK) to Reykjavik: $99
• Pittsburgh to Reykjavik: $99
• San Francisco to Reykjavik: $99
• St. Louis to Reykjavik: $99

These prices include taxes and are one-way trips. Round trips can usually be found for around $199, which is still cheap compared to the usual $200+ prices to fly abroad.

Travel Opportunities Are Endless

Not interested in visiting Iceland? Don’t worry, there are other affordable flights that will take you overseas to your dream vacation.

If you’re eager to travel to European cities like London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Dublin, WOW Air has flights starting at $160 if you book your trip during August or September. Depending on the destination, tickets can go up to $220 and will be even higher if you book your flight for the same month you wish to leave.

A Fair Warning

When you book a trip with a low-fare airline, keep in mind that you will be traveling with the bare minimum in accommodations. You should expect to encounter fees for services like seat reservations, checked baggage, or food.

Take advantage of these amazingly cheap flights while you still have time! If you can spend money on going out to eat a few nights a week, then stop, and spend your money on a trip to Europe instead.