If you’ve got a backyard, chances are there have been times when you’ve tried to think of ways to put it to good use. They’re perfect for pets and children to play in, but they can be useful in other ways as well. Some people have found ways to make money literally from their backyard. Here are five tips on how you can do the same!

Grow your veggies

Depending upon the area you live in, fresh vegetables can get rather expensive. Why not turn part of your backyard into a garden and grow your own? While this may not make you more money, it can save you a lot on your groceries, more than enough to offset the relatively cheap cost of starting and maintaining a garden.

Start a worm farm

If you don’t mind worms, having a worm farm in your backyard can be a relatively easy way to earn some extra money, especially if you live in an area where fishing is very popular. Worm farming can even be combined with composting, which speeds the process along and gives you two sources of income from one project!

Have a flower garden

Flowers from a store or florist can be very expensive. Growing your own and selling them for a bit less than they can be found elsewhere is another way to make money in your backyard. While growing beautiful flowers can be a challenging process, it is well worth the effort if you have a green thumb.

Build a coop and raise chickens

Some city’s ordinances allow homeowners to raise chickens in their backyard. If your city does, this can be a decently profitable way to make money. The initial cost of building a simply coop and buying a few chickens isn’t high and neither is the cost of feeding them. Selling their eggs, and the chickens themselves, can easily make you some money.

Give outdoor lessons

If you have a skill and there’s room in your backyard to teach it, you can start a side venture in giving classes. This can be anything from giving yoga lessons outdoors, to teaching archery, to explaining survival skills. It all just depends on what you know and how creative you can be!