Currency is evolving and getting a whole lot tastier in the process. Starting Thursday, August 2, MacCoins will be available in select New York City stores. The currency will eventually be launched worldwide. You’ll be able to use the coins to buy everyone’s favorite burger: the Big Mac.

Worth Their Weight in Big Macs

Finally, a coin fit for a burger king! Who needs a coin worth its weight in gold when you could have a currency worth its weight in all-beef patties?

The coins will be worth one Big Mac, or roughly $3.99. The coin will mark the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac. Its release date falls on what would have been the 100th birthday of Jim Delligatti, the former McDonald’s store owner who created the Big Mac.

An Army of MacCoins

Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of MacCoins to go around — 6.2 million to be exact. The coins will come in five unique designs, one for each decade that the burger has been around.

The coins will be embellished with iconic images of the timeless sandwich. The retro designs pay homage to the generations of Big Macs that have come before us. Big Mac enthusiasts will recognize the Hamburglar and the Mac Tonight guy from the late ‘80s.

Redeem At-Will

You’ll get a MacCoin whenever you purchase a Big Mac or Big Mac Extra Value Meal. Then, it’s a straight shot to Big Mac heaven. The MacCoin will be redeemable in 50 participating countries, including 14,000 U.S. locations. Rumor has it that the burger gods may bless us with Big Macs all year long. The MacCoin will likely be available through 2018.

MacCoins are part of an aggressive campaign to ramp up sales. U.S. numbers have been cooling down. Revenue is down 12% from last year and sales at U.S. stores have been growing slower than expected.