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In an age of financial uncertainty for an entire generation of young adults, millennial Paula Pant owns eight homes at the age of 34. How did she pull it off? In a word, frugality.

When Pant was in her late 20s, she and her husband Will spent Friday evening through Sunday afternoon working on the triplex they had recently acquired. They lived frugally, built slowly, learned as they went, and kept their noses to the grindstone.

Fast-forward seven years later, and Pant and her husband own eight properties, including the Las Vegas spread that they now call home.

From Humble Beginnings In Atlanta

Part of their early success came from the affordable city where they got their start. Pant and her husband were paying $400 a month to share a bedroom in a communal house with friends. It took them nearly a year to save up enough money for a down payment on the $225,000 triplex across the street.  

Pant and her husband worked tirelessly every weekend until the units were rentable. Pant rented the units to their former roommates and made just enough to live rent-free.

Pant Never Minded Roughing It

Pant says that her humble upbringing gave her a huge advantage over other millennials. Pant is the daughter of first-generation Nepalanese immigrants from Kathmandu.

While Pant’s classmates grew up in the suburbs surrounded by artisanal sandwiches and Starbucks, she felt right at home with local mom-and-pop stores, gas stations, and discount grocers.

Pant says that a lot of millennials don’t feel at home in affordable areas. You have to make sacrifices to get ahead. Often that means postponing your ideal living environment.

She Enjoyed Being Frugal

Pant recently bought a new car, but for years she drove one that was 15 years old. For Pant, financial progress was more important than a cable subscription or a trendy gym membership. She’s never had a financially stable family to fall back on during hard times. A lack of a safety net kept her motivated.

She never dreamed of being loaded. She dreamed of security. Last year, Pant and Will cleared $43,200 in profit between all of their rentals. For them, that’s plenty to supplement their income and enjoy a relatively stress-free life.