Entitlement, lack of drive, little ambition— these have all been used to describe millennials, and most often, it’s baby boomers that are describing them that way.

As it turns out, baby boomers actually bear a lot of the responsibility for the perceived faults of millennials, and it’s high time they take responsibility for it!

The Problem With Millennials

Baby boomers share many of the same complaints about baby boomers and their sense of entitlement, and there’s likely some truth to it. You don’t have to look any further than the recent court case involving the issue of a 30-year-old man being forcibly evicted from his parent’s house because he wouldn’t move out.

A video of author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, speaking about millennials went viral because the “millennial conundrum” is a hot topic.

Baby Boomers Share The Blame

The conversation often pins everything on millennials, but as some baby boomers are now admitting, they contributed to the problem in a big way.

While baby boomers received less attention from their parents—less involvement in terms of day and life planning—and had to figure out things for themselves, most millennials didn’t have those concerns.

Baby boomers were typically very involved in their children’s lives and gave regular allowances, planned hobbies for them, and in the end, didn’t provide many hard lessons that would have been valuable.

Is It Too Late To Fix Millennials?

Most parents will readily admit that parenting is never really over, so it’s not too late to try something different.

Baby boomers can start to have a positive effect on their children by being encouraging, not giving unsolicited or controlling advice. They can also withdraw financial support when reasonable, and focus on the legacy that is being left behind with the millennials.

Millennials might have some flaws to work on, but it benefits everyone if baby boomer parents take some of these long overdue steps with their children. Afterall, we’re all in this together!