Personal Finances

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Millennials are changing the world as we know it. Though there is plenty in the news about how little they’ve saved for retirement, this does not represent all members of the cohort. Plenty millennials are innovating personal finance to set themselves up nicely for their future goals.

Here’s how these successful millennials are getting their money right.

Leaving It To Technology

Millennials are taking advantage of how automatic money management has become. They can track spending, set up auto pay for bills, schedule automatic savings transfers, and even start investing in stock with a just few clicks. The best part? Many of these services are available as apps, literally placing personal finance at their fingertips.

Smarter Saving

Sometimes financial success really comes down to the classic advice – save as much as possible. Millennials realize their “pensions” are quickly turning into their personal responsibility, given the current economy. They are squirreling away new money from a job promotion or outside gig rather than falling victim to a lifestyle creep.

Investing In The Future

Remember all that extra cash millennials are saving? Some are reinvesting it. Millennials are funneling additional income from job promotions or general savings into 401K plans. This is a smart move, as some millennials are choosing to invest in their futures rather than hit happy hour for drinks each week.

Diversifying Their Income

One in two millennials has a “side hustle” or supplemental income outside of their full-time job, according to a recent study by GoDaddy. They are selling items online, putting unused clothing up for sale, and picking up dog walking shifts in their spare time. These side hustles can range anywhere from $50 per month to more than $200 each month.

Building Equity

Older millennials, in particular, spend less money on eating at restaurants and purchasing specialty beauty products than their younger counterparts. What do some of these older millennials spend their money on? Buying homes and raising children. This more parental take on finances means they’ve seriously saved for the future.