Most working Americans don’t expect to retire until age 66. That is up from 63 in 2002. However, a majority do end up leaving the workforce around the age of 62. Still, that’s several years older than the age millennials expect to retire. There are many factors that make their desire unrealistic, so it’s crazy that they think they’ll retire so early.

How Soon Is Too Soon?

TD Ameritrade just released a study that surveyed millennials about a variety of financial factors. From these results, the average male expects to retire at 53 and the average female at 56. This is much more optimistic than the current workforce, who has more practical experience.

It is important to note that 28% don’t expect to ever retire, which means not all millennials have the same mindset. However, this could be due to their drive to become millionaires, as 53% expect this to happen at some point in their lives.

This Is Why They’re Crazy

Now, you could just say millennials are ambitious. On the other hand, other statistics are what make them crazy for thinking they could retire so early. The same study reports that 17% still haven’t become financially independent.

Even with their optimistic estimates, they don’t plan on saving for retirement until their 30s. About 25% don’t expect to get married or own a home, either.

When They’ll Actually Retire

There are circumstances other than their own financial plans that get in the way of early retirement for millennials. Economic components, such as the instability of social security, the fluctuating economy, and a decline in employee benefits are all working against them.

The only thing working in their favor is that 30% of millennials don’t expect to have children. That is a large financial burden off their plate, but it doesn’t help much. While those with corporate jobs may achieve their dream of early retirement, the average worker probably won’t leave the workforce until 70 (if at all).