Very Well Family

For women looking to get back into the workforce after having a child, or moms interested in switching career paths for a more flexible work-life balance, entrepreneurship might be the way to go.

As a mom, schedules are crazy, sleep patterns are off and you’re constantly being asked questions. With the ability to manage a chaotic household, those skills can easily be transferred into the role of an entrepreneur.

There’s No Time To Sweat The Small Stuff

Things often go wrong when you’re running a house full of little ones. Whether it’s a constant mess on the floor or a temper tantrum over a piece of candy, Moms are used to managing every little problem that arises.

Similarly, entrepreneurs find that they can dwell over every little mishap, but need to be able to focus on the bigger picture and let some of the smaller stuff roll off their backs.

They Live By Routine

Play dates, baseball practice, piano lessons and bath time fill up the schedule quick, leaving little time for much else. For moms who can figure out the juggling routine have the skills it takes most entrepreneurs to figure out the hectic life of owning a business.

Entrepreneurs sometimes have to dive deep into the detail and have to do what they can just to make it through the week. Other times, they have to prioritize what’s most important and remain efficient— just like moms do.

They Are Extraordinary At Multitasking

On any given day, a mom can be a personal driver, a maid, a teacher or a chef. When starting a business, you inevitably take on many roles and have to learn how every function of the job works. Being able to jump back-and-forth between tasks and pay attention to it all at once is what makes moms excellent business owners.

They Can Say No

Whether it’s in the grocery store or at bedtime, moms are constantly used to being asked for something and having to say no. Other times, they realize they need to give a little bit and compromise on what they’re being asked for. The ability to say no, but also being able to really listen about what someone wants and compromise if need-be makes for excellent skills when you’re an entrepreneur.

Moms Are Experts At Knowing How To Save

There’s a difference between being cheap and being frugal, and moms have the frugality thing down pat. Moms are usually the ones in charge of the day-to-day budget and often make the most purchases. That means they have to know where to get the best value for their money and make savvy decisions when buying larger items. When starting a company, the founder is often funding the business which means every single item purchased must be researched and tracked. Being able to choose what the company really needs versus what you might want is a skill most moms come to the table with.