You might not believe that you could be skipping out on smart ways to save money. However, you probably are. Not to worry, check out these easy methods to increase your savings and curb your spending. Your piggy bank and long-term financial health will thank you for making prudent decisions.

Install energy efficient items

Believe it or not, most energy efficient household items from light bulbs to air conditioners work just as well as their standard counterparts. Lowering your carbon footprint is easy when you choose to install energy efficient items.

Feel free to take the money that you save from shaving down your energy bills to good use. Place extra funds in a savings account or invest it wisely.

Say ta-ta to take out

It’s so easy to order out to eat. Although food made by someone else is convenient, it may be costing you more money than you realize.

Save more money and reduce your calorie intake, by choosing to make meals at home instead. When you plan out your meals for each week, you can cut down on your grocery bill, and will be more aware of what’s on your plate.

Forget keeping up with the Joneses

If you want to stay in the rat race to look like you have money, you are throwing away the opportunity to save. Always buy used.

Forget spending on new cars, new electronics, and other items that have a severe depreciation of value. And why you’re at it, consider selling your secondhand books, furniture, and other items that are just collecting dust in your home.

Cut out the commute

If you work for a larger company, get to know your co-workers so you can take advantage of a carpool. Even better, if you want to skip out on sharing the ride, choose to take public transit instead.

Reduce your commute costs and time by working remotely, walking to work, or biking. You’ll save money on gas, insurance, and help reduce carbon emissions.

Drop those unused subscriptions

Stop wasting your time and money on things you are not using. Find a show you enjoy and spend time binge-watching with a friend on their subscription service. You will avoid spending money on subscription services you only use a few times a month and you will carve out quality time to catch up with your bud.