money goals


As 2018 is starting to wind down, a new year is on the horizon. What better way to start the year than with a renewed lease on life — and your finances. Here are five easily attainable financial goals that practically anyone can accomplish within a year’s time. This guarantees 2019 will be a year of financial success!

Creating a budget

If you still haven’t managed to create a budget, now’s the time. Building a budget is the first step in establishing and achieving any financial goal. This is because budgets keep people on track. Today, budgeting programs like Mint make this easier than ever, which means there’s no excuse for going through 2019 without a budget.

Cut down on utilities

While utilities are a must, there are ways around paying an arm and a leg for them. This upcoming year, make it a goal to cut down on at least one utility bill. An easy way to do this is to call your cable or internet provider, asking for a reduced bill. Usually, competitors will have more desirable rates. Explain to your provider that you’re happy with your service, but a competitor’s deal is too good to pass up. It’s likely your provider will lower your rate just to keep your business.

Establish an emergency fund

If you can only accomplish one goal on this list, make it this one. Emergency funds are extremely important, as they support you when you’ve lost your job or otherwise fallen on hard times. An easy rule of thumb is to save anywhere from three to six months worth of living expenses for an emergency fund.

Reduce interest rates

Ask and you shall receive, right? For credit card interest rates, it surely doesn’t hurt to try. Call up your issuer and ask them to lower your rate. Even if they decline your first request, you can call back again in a few days and try with another representative.

If you haven’t had any luck with calling your card issuer, consider refinancing your debts or loans. Typically, you’ll receive a lower interest rate after consolidation.

Reduce grocery costs

This is perhaps the easiest recommendation on this list. It’s common for Americans to spend way too much on food, only for it to spoil a week later. An easy way to reduce grocery waste and cost is to plan your meals. Also, if you’re an impulse shopper, take advantage of online grocery shopping. This way, you’ll only pay for what you need instead of dropping cash on random items that catch your eye in the store.