money hacks


Five easy ways to boost your bottom line

Quick notes:

  • You can do small things in your free time that make a difference to your cash flow

  • Online apps can earn you extra cash

  • Buying and selling items online is easier than ever and can help you make money

You’ve bitten the bullet and finally developed your budget. Now you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what you suspected for years, you need more money. Unfortunately, you don’t have the time to bring in any extra cash, and you don’t expect a big raise at your main job anytime soon.

Luckily, there are a few money hacks that you can use to earn extra cash quickly with little to no effort.

Boost your income by going online

Share your purchasing patterns: You know that you’re going to be spending some of your downtime watching tv, purchasing items from shopping sites, or running errands. Why not get a little extra money for your time? There are plenty of apps that you can sign up for, which will pay you in exchange for having access to your viewing or purchasing data.

Take surveys: Have you heard about companies that will pay you to complete surveys from the comfort of your own home so that they can use your responses as part of their research marketing efforts? Places like Surveyjunkie or MySurvey do just that.


The surveys that are offered on these sites range from shorter lists of questions that take a few minutes to more expanded, more in-depth research efforts. While they don’t pay very much, it is easy to take them while you’re doing other things.  Over time, even small amounts of money add up.

Sell unwanted items: All of us have unwanted items hanging around our basements, garages, and attics. Or we receive thoughtful gifts that we know we can’t use but don’t want to return. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to sell them online. Head over to eBay and Craigslist or see if your Facebook or Nextdoor online neighborhood group hosts a buy and sell app.

Changing banks or credit cards can boost your bank account.

Pay less for things you need: Once you begin to sell items you don’t need, you’ll become familiar with the online sites you like to use and ones you don’t. Take advantage of this knowledge to flip the script and become a buyer instead of just a seller. With this tactic, you can essentially earn a little extra cash by paying less for things that you were going to buy anyhow. Consider searching for used, good-condition versions of these things on the same apps you’d use to sell your own unwanted items.

Get paid to change banks or credit cards

Financial institutions are in stiff competition with each other for your business. That means that lots of them are offering cash signing bonuses, so you’ve got an opportunity for some extra income. Research the details of accounts and credit programs that you’re eligible for and then make the switch.

Financial institutions are in stiff competition with each other for your business.

As with any financial move, there are a few things to consider before you change your accounts. If you’re considering changing banks, be aware of any automatic withdrawals that are connected to your account. Take the time to ensure that all of these withdrawals are changed to your new bank. Also, review all the terms and conditions that are connected to either your banking or your credit card account. Make sure that you’re 100% clear on what you’re signing up for.

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