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25. Brooks School – $63,200 Yearly Tuition

Boarding schools across America and all around the world come with their fair share of core values. That said, the values at Brooks School stand out as superior. The respected institution stands for empathy, engagement, integrity, passion, confidence and creativity.

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Having those values ingrained in your child at an early age is sure to send them out into adulthood with a higher chance of successfully becoming a productive member of society. One of the biggest draws of this school is the importance they put on creating a strong community environment. This means activities like group outings and home cooked meals.

24. Westminster School – $63,485 Yearly Tuition

While a tuition fee of $63,485 may seem kind of steep, keep in mind that 34% of the students at Westminster School receive financial aid. With that, one can be assured that a student attending in Simsbury, Connecticut leaves with the education of a lifetime. The small school is responsible for 140 students, organized into classes of 12.

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Unlike those overcrowded public schools, at Westminster every student gets their fair share of attention and care. When they aren’t studying in class or taking part in some extracurricular activities, they can relax in the school’s library, which holds over 26,000 books.

23. Avon Old Farms School – $63,600 Yearly Tuition

In case it wasn’t already known, Avon Old Farms School is one of the best all-boys boarding schools in the United States. Despite the word ‘farm’ being in the school’s name, your child won’t be milking cows and herding livestock. He’ll be getting a first-rate education.

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Parents can be satisfied knowing that Avon Old Farms School provides their students with a high volume of classes, sports and extracurricular activities to fill up their schedules. When the students aren’t learning, they can always pass time by enjoying a nice milkshake in the student center or head off into town for dinner and a movie.

22. Cushing Academy – $63,700 Yearly Tuition

When it comes to boarding schools with big star power, none can match Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. The school’s alumni include huge names like actress Bette Davis, wrestling star John Cena, the King of Bhutan and U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey Team and gold medalist Meghan Duggan.

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Founded in 1865, the school has a student body of 390 and 91% of them are boarding students. Aside from the United States, the school also has children from 30 other countries. That means that any parents concerned for their child’s cultural exposure can find comfort in the evidently diverse experience of attending Cushing Academy.

21. Westover School – $63,800 Yearly Tuition

Of the many girls-only boarding schools in the eastern regions of the United States, reportedly few are as good as Westover School. Located in Middlebury, Connecticut, the school has a total number of 189 students attending, all ranging from grade nine to grade 12.

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The school strives to give their students purpose and mold them to be leaders of the future. Westover School proudly states on their webpage, “We are not just educating girls in the traditional sense; we are empowering them to be themselves, to make their own choices, and to appreciate diversity.” Who wouldn’t want to send their daughter to such a school?

20. Fairmont Preparatory Academy – $63,895 Yearly Tuition

Of all the boarding schools in Orange County, few can claim the kind of fame that Fairmont Preparatory Academy boasts. The school has won many awards since it first opened its doors back in 1993. For four consecutive years, Fairmont Preparatory Academy has won Parenting OC’s Readers Choice Awards for Best Private School.

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So what makes this particular boarding school so great? We’d venture a guess and say it’s the way the school strives for diversity and aims at feeding its students a rich and cultured education. Most of the children who study here end up putting their full potential to work.

19. Emma Willard School – $63,990 Yearly Tuition

Replete with all the charm of an East Coast educational institution (think Harry Potter-esque buildings and tree-lined campus), one school worth a visit is the Emma Willard School in Troy, New York. If you want your daughter to receive an outstanding education, this all-girls school is definitely going to do the job.

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The Emma Willard School provides for the young women of America with a sizeable budget of $20,335,901. This means that your child will get the best care you can imagine. Emma Willard provides its student body with hiking trips, explorations of nearby New York City and even bowling.

18. Oaks Christian School – $64,000 Yearly Tuition

If you want to send your child away to boarding school without compromising on a good Christian upbringing, you can set your sights on Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, California. The message is clear as day in their educational philosophy.

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It says, “Oaks Christian School is an amazing place where students are nurtured and encouraged to develop their potential in academics, arts and athletics in the context of a Christian education.” It should be unsurprising that 99% of their students move on to learn at top-tier colleges. Furthermore, many of their athletes obtain scholarships and many of their artists receive recognition in the art world.

17. Middlesex School – $64,015 Yearly Tuition

Merely 20 miles outside of Boston sits the historic Middlesex School. The rather large campus consists of both boarding and day students. With a small student body population of 410, and a student to faculty ratio of four to one, each child is guaranteed to have a hands-on experience at Middlesex School.

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Founded in 1901, Middlesex School has the added bonus of 37 dogs living on campus. These furry friends will definitely make your child feel more at home. And if that’s not enticing enough, there are 28 different sports leagues so that your child can embrace their athletic passions beyond the basic baseball, football and basketball.

16. Blair Academy – $64,200 Yearly Tuition

It takes a very special student to attend the Blair Academy. Any interested adolescent will have to be hot on their toes if he or she wants to study at the very distinguished Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey. The exciting student body of this school is something that is guaranteed to change them for life.

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As it states on their website, “Blair students develop long-lasting friendships with classmates in different grades and from countries all around the world. It is truly fascinating that a freshman from Pennsylvania can become close friends with a senior from Spain, while also developing his or her own sense of independence.”

15. Concord Academy – $64,240 Yearly Tuition

Not all boarding school student bodies are stuffed full of international entries. Concord Academy, for example, is 60% nearby day students, and 40% boarding students. So, if you’re in Concord, Massachusetts and you still have a desire to send your child to a quality boarding school, look no further then Concord Academy.

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There is a school staff of 68, leaving one staff member for every six students. There are also 12 pupils to a classroom, which pretty much guarantees each child will get an excellent amount of attention. And, not only does Concord Academy provide a top-notch education, but it also boasts an excellent view.

14. Tabor Academy – $64,500 Yearly Tuition

As a heads up, at Tabor Academy, you ought to expect your child to be heavily analyzed before being accepted to this beautiful school by the sea. They will look at the potential entrant, their intellect level and drive, before considering if they are a good fit.

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That said, once a child is accepted into Tabor Academy, they can expect to get a rich education in an extremely diverse backdrop. If a student can’t make the steep $64,500 tuition fee, the school will give them a helping hand, assuming they think the student has what it takes to be great.

13. Kent School – $64,600 Yearly Tuition

It might surprise prospective students, that many boarding schools have student bodies who mostly live off campus. In fact, most schools actually have a higher number of students who live off campus. With that said, for an authentic experience, Kent School has a strong live-in population.

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These students are then set up for an incredible educational experience. Most of the faculty at Kent School hold advanced degrees in their field. Considering this, the high tuition rate of $64,600 isn’t too much to ask for. These amazing teachers will no doubt guide your children to a very successful time in university.

12. Oregon Episcopal School – $65,100 Yearly Tuition

Hopping on over to the West coast, Portland’s Oregon Episcopal School is perhaps the gem of the state in terms of boarding schools. The campus, which covers over 59 acres of rural land, holds a whopping 870 students in pre-K through 12th grade.

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A major selling point of Oregon Episcopal School is its proximity to downtown Portland. This will allow your child to leave campus once in a while and stay in touch with the world around them. Yet, while your student is on campus the food options are enticing. The students at Oregon Episcopal School enjoy Chinese, Mexican, Indian and Thai food, as well vegan and gluten-free options.

11. Cate School – $65,500 Yearly Tuition

If your child is a student who would thrive better in a smaller and more intimate setting, you might want to consider enrolling them in Carpinteria, California’s Cate School. The historic school is special for having an enrollment of only 210 students.

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This small student body creates an environment of closeness. After some months there, it’s very likely that your child won’t run into an unfamiliar face. To make things all the more enticing to prospective parents, 28% of the student body is receiving financial aid. While the tuition fee is an impressive $65,500, you can probably talk down the price if you need to.

10. San Domenico School – $65,610 Yearly Tuition

Can’t get enough of the sunny state of California? A great boarding school for any child in America is San Anselmo’s San Domenico School. One of the big bonuses of this school is that it’s only 35 minutes from San Francisco. This will introduce your kid to a lot of culture and interesting events over the weekends.

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First opening its doors in 1850, San Domenico School is the oldest boarding school in all of California. It has been preparing children and teens for successful lives for over a century. The school also has a reputation for being diverse.

9. The Webb Schools – $66,130 Yearly Tuition

When considering sending your kids to boarding school, don’t let something like a pricetag scare you – you should definitely take The Webb Schools in Claremont, California into consideration. According to their headmaster, it is guaranteed to give them a headstart on the masses.

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He said during an interview on the school’s website, “Our college placement into the Ivy League, into the best women’s colleges and small national liberal arts colleges, and, in fact, into the top 10 percent of all colleges and universities nationwide, remains remarkable.” Seems as though you’ll certainly get what you pay for!

8. The Lawrenceville School – $66,360 Yearly Tuition

Lawrenceville School can be found in the perhaps surprisingly pastoral Lawrenceville, New Jersey (it is the Garden State after all). With a high tuition of $66,360, one has to wonder what will be in store for the students while studying at Lawrenceville. Well, we’ll tell you.

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According to their website, “A schedule packed full of classes, study hours, athletic practice, rehearsals, and time for friends, special events, eating, and sleeping. Students learn to manage their time, meet their commitments, and enjoy their friendships.” Your kids will also be on a strict schedule which will prevent them from getting into a whole lot of trouble in their free time.

7. Worcester Academy – $66,672 Yearly Tuition

While the tuition for Worcester Academy is a steep $66,672, they aren’t all about the money, and that’s what makes them so special. The following is stated on their website, “If WA is the right place for your child, and finances are an issue, we’ll work with you to come up with a plan.”

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Once your child is enrolled at Worcester Academy the schools also promises that you smart little student will be safe and thoroughly provided for while getting their education. Each set of dorms has a dorm-parent who lives in the same building. These parents will always be looking after the interests of your gifted academic.

6. St. Albans School – $66,918 Yearly Tuition

There is only one boarding school in Washington D.C. and that’s St. Albans School. First opened in 1909, the school has been preparing children for success and career domination for well over a century. It goes without saying that this school provides children with an amazing education.

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Yet, perhaps the most alluring aspect of this school is the importance that is placed on the community atmosphere. Every night your child will be treated to a family style dinner, which includes staff and students sitting around a table. You don’t have to worry about your child feeling left out and dejected.

5. Stevenson School – $67,500 Yearly Tuition

If you want to give your kid the experience of a lifetime, you’ll pack up their things and send them away to Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, California. With a tuition of $67,500, you will surely be handing over a pretty penny, but one look at the campus proves it’s definitely worth it.

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Right off the California coast, students are practically a stone’s throw from the magnificent Pacific Ocean. With a focus on the effects of an individual on the world around them, the many amazing programs will prepare your children for what’s to come in college and far beyond.

4. The Village School – $67,750 Yearly Tuition

If you’re looking for a boarding school with some southern charm, the Houston, Texas based The Village School is the crown jewel. Everything is bigger in Texas, even this school which spans 28 acres. And to top it all off, all attending students will be sleeping in a newly built four-story dormitory.

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Each floor of the building is decked out with a full kitchen, many vending machines and washers and dryers. The courtyard is even more impressive. In true Texas fashion, there are grill stations for outdoor cooking. All of these amenities come included in a tuition fee of $67,750.

3. The Athenian School – $68,700 Yearly Tuition

The Athenian School is Danville, California presents its students with an elite secondary school education and a thriving residential environment. The school’s main goal is to prepare their students for the high expectations they’ll face in college and the workforce that follows.

boarding schoolsboarding schools

Preparing students for a life of purpose, the hands-on approach at the Athenian School is bound to set your child up for success. As if such an academic experience weren’t enticing enough, all this molding will be done on a beautiful 75-acre campus conveniently situated on a hill of oak trees.

2. Woodside Priory School – $71,975 Yearly Tuition

When it comes to boarding schools on the West coast, Woodside Priory School in Portola Valley, California is an exciting option. While some eyes might widen upon looking at the $71,975 tuition, they should be assured that their kid will be living in the lap of absolute luxury.

boarding schoolsboarding schools

That’s no exaggeration. Students are sitting down to dinner and eating filet mignon and Malaysian crab on a regular basis. They are also spending some time away from the books playing pool, ping pong or swimming in the school’s heated swimming pool. The students there also have access to flat screen televisions. Not too shabby, huh?

1. The Masters School – $72,000 Yearly Tuition

If you’re looking for the ultimate boarding school experience, then look no further than The Masters School. With a tuition fee of $72,000, your kid is essentially guaranteed the most robust education and all-around elite educational experience money can buy.

boarding schoolsboarding schools

The Masters School is described on their website as a transformative educational experience. One of their top selling points is that they have a 100% acceptance rate to four-year colleges. Sending your kid here is guaranteed to provide them with a promising future. Your child can also venture into New York City on the weekends given its Dobbs Ferry location. Talk about getting a nice dose of culture.

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