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When someone cuts you off…

Whoever came up with this idea might just be the ultimate troll. And here we were thinking all of the trolls solely live in the online world. Turns out they also take to the streets, too. In this case, they’re moving at high speeds all over the place.

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Imagine someone cutting you off or merging on the freeway only to notice this license plate. Would you be mad, infuriated or amused? We would assume it would be some kind of humorous reaction because usually these people have some kind of road rage symptoms.

The most witty Saab owner

We would like to congratulate the owner of this very nicely put together Saab compact car. Not only are they punning “what’s up?” but they are also simultaneously mimicking the viral YouTube video of a guy saying this phrase over and over again in a Californian accent.

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Now, the real question becomes whether you would be angry if someone cut you off with this license plate staring at you from the view of your windshield. In most cases, we would assume the answer to this would be in the affirmative. But who are we to judge?

And the award for most troll license plate goes to…

You know these cars fondly -or maybe not so much- as those cube cars that could fit into virtually any parking space imaginable. Of course, this is great for the owner but not so much for people who have to drive regularly-sized automobiles.

krunchyLeaves via Reddit

What’s odd about the smart car is its rise and subsequent fall in terms of popularity. When these were first put on the market, their sales exploded. But as the years passed with the advent of hybrid and electric cars, they saw this quickly change; and probably for the better.

The most polite merger

Here is an example where it’s truly hard to get mad at whoever it is who chose to cut you off either legally or illegally on the road. The old saying goes that kindness goes a long way; or ‘kill ‘em with kindness.’ We think people would opt to not really mind it.

hamburgerthievery via Reddit

Case in point, the uploader even said “Got cut off today, wasn’t even mad.” So suffice it to say, we think some people probably wouldn’t mind it. In either case, we say this driver did a job well done at the end of the day.

When cars start to become self-aware…

Putting aside all of the talk about self-driving cars, you have to appreciate the good ole fashioned hilarity behind this person’s dry humor. And while some may find it boring, we here being somewhat impressed.

Yours_and_mind_balls via Reddit

If somebody saw this on the road, this plate would surely get a chuckle out of them to be sure. It certainly gave us a good laugh, even if it’s just a simple joke. Because we all know even the simplest of jokes can help with a bad day!

Look out for the hearse

Now we start along the path of what can only be described as one of the best license plate creations we have ever seen to date. The fact the car is a hearse and the plate says ‘U R NEXT’ adds to the hilarity.

blargsnarg via Reddit

Granted, whoever came up with this idea certainly has a particular sense of humor–they’re probably into their fair share of dark comedy to be sure. But in any case, you have to appreciate the double meaning here.

Snakes on a car

Some people love snakes while others simply can’t stand them. But regardless of which pool you are in, you have to appreciate the utter cuteness going on in this picture. For starters, the presumed owner of the vehicle went all out to make the motif work.

freeornothing via Reddit

They put some kind of rubber material protruding under the hood of the car to make it look like a snake’s tongue, which is just too cute for us to handle. So in comparison to its counterparts, this picture definitely encompasses both a sense of cuteness and wittiness. 

Showing off your debt for the world to see

Many people -especially within the millennial generation- can relate to having high student debt. Well, it seems this person has embraced it wholeheartedly. As the saying goes, ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.’ It appears this driver took no exception to that.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

Although in this case the driver may have taken on a bunch of debt from the loan they took out on this expensive car, too, to say the least. If that’s the case here, then suffice it to say we are laughing as to the likely buyer’s remorse.

History repeats itself…on your license plate

On the other end of the spectrum, you come across license plates that are just too good to be true. This would be an example of one of these. Of course, for any of those history majors out there, this is pretty much a good time to remind people of who Vlad the Impaler was.

Captain_Chaos7 via Reddit

Specifically, Vlad was the ruler of Romania during the 15th century. In popular culture, he’s mostly known for being the driving force behind the persona of the vampire Dracula. In any case, we think it’s pretty awesome this person also drives an Impala, too.

The most appropriate license plate

This probably would qualify as one of those sad yet still funny license plates. However, you have to appreciate the realism going on here. That truck just looks plain fatigued to be carrying the weight of all of those tires, which has to be moderately heavy.

SelectAll_Delete via Reddit

To top things off, the truck looks pretty old, too, which just adds to the hilarity. Just an old and tired truck. Poor guy. Hey, at least the owner acknowledged this; but whether they will do something about it is another matter entirely.

Mid-life crisis

You know many people who go through it–the inevitable mid-life crisis. Except in this case it’s probably safe to assume this person is living pretty well given the car they’re driving. At the same time, however, there are of course many possibilities this person may certainly be undergoing a mid-life crisis.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

For example, it could be a middle-aged male who’s using his car to pick up single women. Hey, it’s a plausible possibility. And while it’s not the most original strategy ever devised, it’s been proven to work in some instances.

Let’s play ‘describe the color of the car’

Let’s just all imagine a scenario where (hypothetically of course) there was a getaway driver fleeing a crime scene. One of the bystanders calls the police and of course the subsequent response is for the person to describe the make and model of the car.

Datnorwegian via Reddit

Well, best of luck with that, especially when trying to describe the colors. Sure you could do it one-by-one, but that is much easier said than done in the heat of the moment, too. The best part of all of this, of course, is the license plate too, which says “CLR BLIND.”

Some people are just a little ‘clumsy’

We all have that one friend who trips and falls on a consistent basis. And if you believe in the spirit of the Cars movie series, this can apply to cars, too. In this case, it’s all too real for us. The license plate captures the picture perfectly.

KristenMosuch via Imgur

Of course, it reads ‘clumsy.’ But we can only hope the driver -and potential passengers- got out of that predicament safely. You know what, it sure makes for a hilarious photo either way.

The literal Back to the Future

When you drive a Delorean, you inevitably take on the responsibility of representing Back to the Future to the masses, especially for people who aren’t entirely familiar with the movie, too. In this case, we can safely say that Dr. Brown would undoubtedly be proud.

Papi_Queso via Reddit

And whether that’s due to the impeccable parking job or because the driver’s representing one of the most iconic movies of all time is another issue entirely. Of course, the license plate is truly the icing on the cake in this example, too.

When electric cars rule the day

We can all probably agree that this license plate is a slap in the face to all oil intake cars everywhere, especially because Tesla runs mostly on electricity while still retaining just as much if not more power than gas or oil-powered cars.

olalof via Reddit

In that sense, this license plate then seems to transcend to another level of troll power because they are effectively making a parody of the vast majority of drivers. So in the interest of the environment and just plain wittiness, we say bravo.

Showing off your lack of kids

This may be another instance of a single person trying to pick up the ladies. To make matters more obvious than they need to be, the driver in question is clearly showing off their ride–which honestly isn’t the nicest car we’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly not terrible.

CBUSraver via Reddit

And then to make matters more blatantly obvious than they already were, the driver took the liberty of making a PSA that they have no kids. Again, this is an obvious dating strategy in all likelihood. To that end, we’ll give them little to no kudos points for originality.

If Sauron had a car…

For all of you Lord of the Rings fans out there, you have to be impressed with this one. For those of you not familiar with the movie series -or the books- this is referring to the ring Frodo has to destroy by throwing it into the lava of Mt. Doom.

User via Imgur

And while this license plate would have been more popular during the 2000’s, it still rings true today, too. After all, who can’t appreciate a good Lord of the Rings reference? You would be somewhat hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t get it at first.

You look to move-it-move-it, they like to…?

For those of you who didn’t get this reference -don’t worry, we understand many people haven’t seen this movie quite yet- this quote is from the Madagascar movie. Specifically, it comes from the hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen, who voices King Julian in the movie.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

But it’s probably safe to say that this person didn’t have that movie in mind when customizing this license plate. In fact, it’s more likely this person used this plate to put slow drivers in their place.

Oh the irony…

When you think of a Rubik’s cube, you usually assume a certain degree of complexity. So pardon us for laughing at how this license plate and accompanying car pretty much embodies the opposite of that. 

forwhombagels via Reddit

It almost goes without saying that this type of car embodies one of the most simplistic types of cars on the planet, and yet the owner has the audacity to falsely equate a Rubik’s cube to it. We’re not sure whether to feel offended or amused. We’ll take on the former.

50 Cent’s half brother?

We tip our hats off to this person because not only did they score points for being witty with the license plate, but they also nailed the car, too. We remark on that because seeing or hearing about a celebrity driving a Hummer seems to be a pretty standard theme.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

Also with the driver hailing from New York, it makes the plate all the more epic in our opinion. But who knows, maybe this is 50 cent’s long-lost brother we’ve never heard about. Or perhaps this person really likes quarters. The world will never know.

Promoting anti-bug sentiment everywhere

While this person probably enjoys their VW Bug vehicle, this plate is nonetheless pretty funny. It can also be taken many different ways, too. For one, the driver could be referring to either an impending bug splatter on someone’s windshield or something else.

geekyspacegirl420 via Reddit

It’s also possible this person could be referring to all people who aren’t exactly bug enthusiasts which goes for many in all likelihood. In any case, we’ll write this off as one of the simpler yet witty license plate creations on this list.

Well, that got dark quickly

Some of these license plates are funny while others are just downright weird. This particular example would probably qualify under the latter. This is why it’s important to clarify that this list also consists of the “ridiculous” license plates, too.

User via Pinterest

But for those who prefer a more nihilistic, darker humor in life, then this type of license plate would probably most suit them. Although maybe after the coronavirus is over, some people will resort to cannibalism. We’re kidding, of course.   

Zombies everywhere

While the zombie zeitgeist was definitely a popular movement after the turn of the 21st century (thanks to movies like Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead and many more), whether that is a sufficient excuse to use the word ‘zombie’ as the lone word on your license plate is questionable at best.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

We’ll go as far to say that the creativity in this example is certainly a little lacking, as you’ll see as you progress further down the list. This specific one pales in comparison to many others both on this list and off.

Brace yourself for the mom jokes

What makes this license plate special isn’t just what it says on the main section, it’s the other sides of it that completes the joke. As if the mom joke wasn’t enough in and of itself, the relationship between said person and the random mom seems to be quite a novel one.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

Case in point, they left their socks at her house; and he loves her. So it can probably be concluded that this license plate reaches the upper stratosphere when it comes to mom jokes on a general level.

…and more mom jokes

This plate definitely lands on the simpler end of the mom joke spectrum. And it definitely pales in comparison to the preceding example. But hey, if the person’s name happens to be Joe, then we applaud them all the more on their cleverness.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

However, if this is not the case, then we’ll give them kudos in any event for at least coming up with something slightly humorous. But again, it doesn’t compare to many of the other mom jokes out there.

404 errors everywhere

You may know them as the annoying pop-up messages you get after accessing a forbidden page or for a number of different issues, especially when it comes to generic broken links. This is yet another clever license plate creation because it fits nicely in terms of proportionality, too. 

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

Let’s just hope this principle doesn’t apply to the actual car in question. In that case, engine failure would be a predictable issue. Or virtually anything else that could hinder or damage any type of car.

Advertising your alcoholism addiction

We’re not sure as to the specifications of legality for drinking and driving in the great state of Alaska, it can be pretty much concluded that it’s more than likely to be illegal. Of course, we doubt this particularly applies to this person, but you never know.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

Suffice it to say, It certainly wouldn’t help to have this license plate when being pulled over by a police officer. It’s highly unlikely that they would assume the driver is inebriated based off his license plate alone, but it probably wouldn’t help his defense.

Nikola would be so proud

Yes, we know this is yet another Tesla license plate reference, but we couldn’t resist. We always like to tip our hat off to people who know their history. In this case, the great inventor Nikola Tesla, who served as the inspiration for Elon Musk’s impressive Tesla automobile company.

Professorlack via Imgur

It’s always good to know the history and background of a company you invest in. And this person gets it. In this way, you feel more connected and comfortable investing in something that can affect your everyday living.

The ultimate fan

It’s hard to find true rock fans out there these days. But when it comes to Metallica license plates, there seems to be plenty of them. However, it looks like one can’t fit the entire name of the band without adding on two letters on either side as you see in this photo.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

Regardless of this, however, we can’t say without a doubt that this driver has true dedication to what can only be assumed is his favorite band of all time. Not to mention it’s also typically very hard to fit the entire name of virtually any band onto a license plate.

Make way for the road warrior

You’ve likely experienced the almost daily occurrence of road rage regardless of where you live. And if you live in a highly populated area, this is even more likely. So while this may not pertain to some of you, it’s likely somebody out there has undoubtedly experienced this in some form.

funnylicenseplates via WordPress

In the case of the driver, it’s probably somewhat gratifying to cut someone off only for them to see your license plate says “OMG MOVE”. We can certainly speak for ourselves that we have been on the receiving end of road rage, unfortunately.