Reputation Builder

It’s infuriating when someone gives your beloved business a negative review. When you inevitably find yourself in this situation, step away from the computer! The way you handle the situation makes a very public and permanent statement about your business. These tips will help you handle negative reviews positively.

Take A Scientific Approach

A scientist with a failed experiment tries again rather than getting angry. Don’t take bad reviews personally. Instead, use them as an opportunity for improvement. If angry customers point out a flaw in your business, find a way to fix it. Never be defensive or dismissive about a review.

Keep Things In Perspective

There’s no need to alter the core of your business because of one bad review. Most people who leave reviews are either exceptionally satisfied or disappointed. You’re more likely to get one or five-star reviews than any other number. Read reviews with an unbiased and discerning mindset.

The Customer Is ALWAYS Right

Respond to bad reviews promptly with an apology (for the customer’s feelings if the business has not done anything wrong) and an offer to do something to rectify the situation. Even if you feel that complaining customer is a lost cost, there are other potential customers judging your response.

Make Reading Reviews A Regular Part Of Business

Reviews, whether good or bad, are an honest estimation of how customers feel about your business. If you neglect to read and analyze these reviews, you’re depriving your business of a priceless tool. Business Owners tend to assume that their business is acceptable. Reviews help you to see otherwise.

Fight Negative With Positive

Especially when your business is just starting out, negative reviews can tarnish your reputation. A business with one negative review and zero positive reviews looks sketchy to a potential customer. To counteract the problem, encourage all customers to leave reviews. Flyers instructing customers how to leave reviews are especially useful.