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50. Peacock Alley

State: North Dakota
Year Established: 1911

Although Peacock Alley didn’t officially open its doors until 1933, it was originally part of Patterson Hotel which opened in 1911. North Dakotans might be familiar with the Patterson because it was famously “under construction” for twenty years in a bid to avoid paying property taxes. Although the hotel rooms were converted to senior housing in the 1970s, the lobby bar Peacock Alley lives on.

oldest business in North Dakota, Peacock Alleyoldest business in North Dakota, Peacock Alley
Peacock Alley Facebook

During Prohibition, Patterson Hotel was a notorious speakeasy and a home to illegal gambling operations. There are even rumors that there are underground tunnels leading from the hotel to the train station so outlaws could get out of town without getting picked up by police.

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49. Hotel de Haro

State: Washington
Year Established: 1896

On a tiny island off the northern coast of Washington, you can find the oldest business in the state. Hotel de Haro has been operating on San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest since 1896. A lawyer from Tacoma named John S. McMillin built the hotel and lived there with his family until 1910.

oldest business in Washington, Hotel de Harooldest business in Washington, Hotel de Haro
Hotel de Haro Facebook

Guests are still enjoying the views and antique charm of Hotel de Haro today. If you want to book your own stay, the hotel website warns that only six of their 19 rooms have toilets and showers in suite. The rest of the rooms share communal facilities down the hall.

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48. BC Clark Jewelers

State: Oklahoma
Year Established: 1892

Way back in 1892, B.C. Clark set up his first shop in the corner of a five and dime store. Oklahoma didn’t even become a state until over a decade later in 1907. Ever since, BC Clark has been open and operating with the Clark family at the helm. Today, the third and fourth generations of Clarks own the shop.

oldest business in Oklahoma, BC Clark Jewelersoldest business in Oklahoma, BC Clark Jewelers
BC Clark Jewelers Facebook

BC Clark has three locations in Oklahoma and offers a variety of services in addition to selling sparkling jewels. Whether you need a chain repaired or want to register for some shiny wedding gifts, BC Clark can get it done. Plus, they have a century of experience and customer satisfaction to back up their service.

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47. Fred W. Radde & Sons, Inc

State: Minnesota
Year Established: 1886

Believe it or not, going to a weekly auction was once a big social event. Fred W. Radde & Sons was established in 1886, at a time when a Saturday or Sunday auction might have been the biggest excitement in town. Although times have certainly changed, Fred W. Radde & Sons is still holding auctions at the oldest business in Minnesota.

Fred W. Radde & Sons, Inc, oldest business in MinnesotaFred W. Radde & Sons, Inc, oldest business in Minnesota

Today, the auctioneering family has a 12,000 square foot indoor auction space with seven acres of secure outside space to auction vehicles. The company runs about 150 auctions a year. In keeping with the times, Radde’s descendants have even run auctions online.

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46. Look’s Market

State: South Dakota
Year Established: 1883

Look’s Market first opened its doors in 1883, and it’s still winning awards today. It was recently named the best local market for specialty meat items in Sioux Falls. With a wide selection of fresh meats, specialty cheeses, and fine wines, Look’s Market looks like the perfect place to go to get supplies for the charcuterie plate of your dreams.

oldest business in South Dakota, Look's Marketoldest business in South Dakota, Look's Market
Look’s Market Facebook

Brothers Carl and August Look teamed up to open their market together, and it’s been a favorite in the community ever since. Though the original Look’s building was torn down in 1971, Look’s Market lives on in a new location in Sioux Falls.

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45. The Palace Restaurant and Saloon

State: Arizona
Year Established: 1877

The Palace Restaurant and Saloon is a cowboy bar with real bullet holes in its pressed tin ceiling. It first opened its doors back in 1877, well before Arizona became a state in 1912. Back in those days, The Palace was home to its share of gamblers and ladies of the night. Cowboys and outlaws sat at the bar trading shots of whiskey and tall tales.

oldest business in Arizona, The Palace Restaurant and Saloonoldest business in Arizona, The Palace Restaurant and Saloon
The Palace Restaurant and Saloon Facebook

These days, however, The Palace has cleaned up its act. The bar still operates but the gambling and shooting are things of the past. Old-timers, however, still talk about the night in 1900 when a neglected candle caused the bar to go up in flames. According to the local legend, the bar’s patrons banded together to fight the blaze and save their bar.

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44. White’s Marble Works

State: Tennessee
Year Established: 1870

White’s Marble Works was established in 1870 in Sweetwater, Tennessee, and it’s still in the White Family today and going strong. Brothers Matt and Allen White are the sixth generation of Whites to make a living at the Marble Works, and they recently welcomed a seventh generation to the business.

oldest business in Tennessee, White's Marble Worksoldest business in Tennessee, White's Marble Works
White’s Marble Works Facebook

The business sells granite, quartz, and marble countertops for homes, as well as stone tiles. Plus, they offer design services and installation to their customers. They haven’t been in business for almost 150 years for nothing. According to local reviewers, their service and selection are both top notch.

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43. Alaska Commercial Company

State: Alaska
Year Established: 1867

San Francisco merchants Lewis Gerstle and Louis Sloss came to Alaska in 1867, when the U.S. purchased the land from Russia. Gerstle and Sloss were determined to set up shop in the new territory, and so they bought The Russian American Trading Company, a market that was started by Catherine the Great in 1776. Gerstle and Sloss renamed the store Alaska Commercial Co, and the rest is history.

oldest business in Alaska, Alaska Commercial Companyoldest business in Alaska, Alaska Commercial Company
Alaska Commercial Company Facebook

Now, Alaska Commercial Co is one of the biggest employers in the state, with 33 stores serving Alaskans. They offer great groceries and locals are hooked on their famous corn salsa.

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42. Joyce Livestock Co.

State: Idaho
Year Established: 1865

Idaho’s Joyce Livestock Co. holds the title for the oldest business in the state. The family-run ranch even celebrated their 150th anniversary recently, in June 2015. Long ago, Matthew and Mary Joyce established their ranch in 1865 and made a living there with their family raising cattle and pigs and selling milk, butter, pork, and beef to the town.

oldest business in Idaho, Joyce Livestock Co.oldest business in Idaho, Joyce Livestock Co.
Stijn te Strake/Unsplash

Paul Nettleton, a descendant of Matthew and Mary Joyce runs the ranch today, raising cattle on the land his family first tamed and tended. In 2015, Nettleton had 600 cows on his ancestral ranch who gave birth to 600 calves.

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41. Bale of Hay Saloon

State: Montana
Year Established: 1863

Virginia City Montana’s Bale of Hay Saloon advertises “spirits of all kinds,” and they’re not kidding around. A ghost tour starts at this old bar every night at 10:00 p.m. Like many of the other businesses in town, the Bale of Hay Saloon is only open from mid-May to late September, so if you’re hoping to meet a ghost at the bar, be sure to visit in the summer months.

oldest business in Montana, Bale of Hay Saloonoldest business in Montana, Bale of Hay Saloon
Bale of Hay Saloon Facebook

Inside, the saloon is full of history, even sporting the original hand-carved wooden bar the first owners installed. However, their taps are more up-to-date and feature some of Montana’s hottest microbrews.

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40. Daynes Music

State: Utah
Year Established: 1862

Daynes Music in Salt Lake City has a very interesting history. The store was founded in 1862 by John Daynes, and it’s said that his son Joseph Daynes was handpicked by Brigham Young to be the first Tabernacle Organist in the Church of Latter Day Saints.

oldest business in Utah, Daynes Musicoldest business in Utah, Daynes Music
Daynes Music Facebook

The store remains in the Daynes family today, with John Daynes’ great-grandson Gerald Daynes Jr. running the show. Daynes Music specializes in pianos, offering new and used pianos as well as synthesizers and keyboards. They also connect pianists in the community to piano teachers, tuners, and technicians. For over 150 years, the Daynes family has been keeping the music alive and well in Utah.

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39. Miners and Stockmen’s Steakhouse and Spirits

State: Wyoming
Year Established: 1862

Hartville, the oldest incorporated town in Wyoming, is also home to the state’s oldest business. Miners and Stockmen’s Steakhouse and Spirits has been serving up cold drinks and hot meals since 1862. Long ago, it was a popular watering hole for bank robbers, cattle rustlers, and outlaws of all stripes. Locals say that during Prohibition people used to use the bar’s basement as a speakeasy.

oldest business in Wyoming, Miners and Stockmen’s Steakhouse and Spiritsoldest business in Wyoming, Miners and Stockmen’s Steakhouse and Spirits
Miners and Stockmens’ Facebook

Though it’s still in business, these days the restaurant stays on the right side of the law. Miners and Stockmen’s features rustic decor, dinner service Thursday through Sunday, and 35 different types of whiskey behind the bar.

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38. The Greenbrier

State: West Virginia
Year Established: 1858

Near West Virginia’s White Sulphur Springs, The Greenbrier hotel has stood since 1858. As early as the 1830s, politicians, merchants, and other prominent bigwigs made a habit of summering in the mountain retreat to escape the lowland heat. Although the resort closed from 1861 to 1865 and was used as a Civil War hospital during that time, it has been open ever since.

oldest business in West Virginia, The Greenbrieroldest business in West Virginia, The Greenbrier
The Greenbrier Facebooik

In 1914, The Greenbrier changed from being open seasonally to operating all year round. President Woodrow Wilson has stayed there with his wife, and so have Joseph and Rose Kennedy. In more recent years, The Greenbrier has updated their golf course and added a new casino.

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37. R&R Market

State: Colorado
Year Established: 1857

In the town of San Luis, Colorado, you can find the oldest business in the state. The R&R Market was built in 1857 and has survived two fires, one in 1895 and another in 1947. The original building was made of adobe bricks. Many of the original bricks still stand and have been reinforced with stucco, concrete, and plaster.

oldest business in Colorado, R&R Marketoldest business in Colorado, R&R Market
Gary Sandoz/Unsplash

Colorado Preservation lists R&R Market as an important historical site, but they also note its continuing importance to the community. The town of San Luis and its surrounding villages are considered a food desert. If not for the R&R, many residents there would have little to no access to fresh fruits and veggies. Even more reason to make a stop to support the historical R&R next time you’re passing through.

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36. First National Bank

State: Nebraska
Year Established: 1857

In 1857, brothers Herman and Augustus Kountze started Omaha’s first bank, the First National Bank of Omaha. Originally called Kountze Brothers Bank, the bank originally traded in gold dust and buffalo hides. In 1863, the bank got their national charter and began doing business under the name First National Bank of Omaha.

oldest business in Nebraska, First National Bankoldest business in Nebraska, First National Bank
First National Bank of Omaha Facebook

Today, it has grown into the largest privately held bank in America. The First National Bank of Omaha has 101 locations in the midwest, $17 billion in assets, and 5,000 employees. Not too shabby for a bank that started out as a small, family-run operation.

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35. Davis Funeral Chapel

State: Kansas
Year Established: 1855

They say the only constants in life are death and taxes, so it makes sense that we’d find a funeral parlor somewhere on this list. Davis Funeral Chapel was founded in 1855 by James B. Davis, and it’s been in the family for seven generations.

oldest business in Kansas, Davis Funeral Chapeloldest business in Kansas, Davis Funeral Chapel
Mayron Oliveira/Unsplash

It’s rumored that the second generation, Thaddeus Davis, was friends with the famous hunter Buffalo Bill Cody, but the Davis Funeral Chapel boasts even more famous connections than that. The chapel helped lay to rest mobster “Bugs” Moran, perpetrator of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, and the killers Richard Hickok and Perry Smith who were immortalized in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood.

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34. Genoa Bar

State: Nevada
Year Established: 1853

Built in 1853, Genoa Bar bills itself as “Nevada’s Oldest Thirst Parlor.” The bar has changed hands many times, and in its early days it was known as a “gentlemen’s saloon.” Genoa Bar still has many of its original oil light fixtures in place though they have been converted to electrical power. There is also one special red oil lamp that the owners light every New Year’s Eve.

oldest business in Nevada, Genoa Baroldest business in Nevada, Genoa Bar
Genoa Bar Facebook

Notable figures like Mark Twain and Clark Gable have visited the bar, and it’s said that Raquel Welch’s bra hangs on the antlers behind the bar as a memento of her time there. Genoa Bar can also be seen in the movies. It appears in Misery starring Kathy Bates and Honky Tonk Man with Clint Eastwood.

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33. Breitbach’s Country Dining

State: Iowa
Year Established: 1852

Breitbach’s Country Dining is another family business that was built to stand the test of time. Originally opened in 1852, Breitbach’s has been in the family for six generations. The original Breitbach’s building stood for over 150 years until fires caused it to have to be rebuilt twice.

oldest business in Iowa, Breitbach's Country Diningoldest business in Iowa, Breitbach's Country Dining
Breitbach’s Country Dining Facebook

That’s right, it was rebuilt two times. After a gas explosion and fire in 2007, the original building was completely destroyed. A new Breitbach’s was built only to burn down again less than a year later. Locals chipped in and Breitbach’s current location was complete in 2009. Here’s hoping that the third time’s a charm for this community favorite family business.

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32. Pensacola Hardware

State: Florida
Year Established: 1851

Sunny Florida’s oldest business started as a humble hardware store in 1851. Pensacola Hardware was founded by Albert Lord Avery in 1851, and like other businesses on this list, it’s no stranger to fire. On Halloween night in 1905, a fire at a confectionery destroyed about 80% of downtown Pensacola, turning Pensacola Hardware’s original location to ashes.

oldest business in Florida, Pensacola Hardwareoldest business in Florida, Pensacola Hardware
Pensacola Hardware Facebook

The shop relocated to a new spot in downtown Pensacola where it has served the community ever since. The business has certainly changed with the times, however. Where once the hardware store also sold home goods and china, they have since expanded into industrial supplies due to competition from big box stores over the home market.

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31. Ducommun

State: California
Year Established: 1849

When Charles Louis Ducommun founded his company Ducommun during the California gold rush, there’s no way he could have imagined that someday his Los Angeles general store would be supplying aluminum to the pioneers of aviation, yet that’s exactly what happened. Over the years, Ducommun sold essential supplies to the likes of Lindhberg and Lockheed.

oldest business in California, Ducommunoldest business in California, Ducommun
Ducommun Facebook

Now, the business is focused on aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing, creating components for aircraft and spacecraft alike. In 2008, the company’s revenue was over $4 million and it employed 2,000 people in eight states. Its headquarters are now in Carson, California.

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30. Kaanapali Land Management

State: Hawaii
Year Established: 1849

Kaanapali Land Management is another business that got its start in a completely different form. In the beginning, Heinrich Hackfeld and his brother-in-law J. C. Pflueger opened a sugar and dry goods store called H. Hackfeld and Company in 1849. Hackfield later got involved in a Kaua’i plantation as business manager, bringing land management into the company umbrella.

oldest business in Hawaii, Kaanapali Land Managementoldest business in Hawaii, Kaanapali Land Management
Kaanapali Coffee Farms Facebook

After World War I, the company was bought by a group of businessmen who changed the name to American Factor, later shortened to Amfac. In 2005, the company was reorganized into Kaanapali Land Management. Today, they run a resort and Kaanapali Coffee Farms.

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29. Van Dusen Beverages

State: Oregon
Year Established: 1849

Located in the lush greenery of Astoria, Oregon, you’ll find that state’s oldest business. Established in 1849 as Van Dusen Mercantile, today Van Dusen Beverages is a bottling plant for Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and a variety of other soft drinks and water. However, the company was already almost one hundred years old when they started bottling soda pop in 1947.

oldest business in Oregon, Van Dusen Beveragesoldest business in Oregon, Van Dusen Beverages
Van Dusen Beverages Facebook

They also have a division devoted to our favorite thing: coffee. 1849 Gourmet Coffee is a full line of coffee, cappuccino, and tea drinks. Van Dusen Beverages supplies local convenience stores, hospitals, offices, and other businesses with cold drink needs.

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28. Minhas Craft Brewery

State: Wisconsin
Year Established: 1845

Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin is the oldest business in the state, and it’s survived the Great Depression, Prohibition, and a fire to get there. Founded in 1845 by a man known as Mr. Bissinger, it’s had ten different owners over the years. Today, it’s owned by brother and sister team Ravinder and Manjit Minhas.

oldest business in Wisconsin, Minhas Craft Breweryoldest business in Wisconsin, Minhas Craft Brewery
Minhas Craft Brewery Facebook

If you shop at Trader Joe’s or Costco, odds are you’ve actually seen Minhas products on the shelf. The brewery cans Trader Joe’s Simpler Times beers as well as Costco’s Kirkland brews. The Minhas family also runs two other locations in Alberta, Canada.

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27. Imperial Sugar

State: Texas
Year Established: 1843

One of America’s largest sugar mills Imperial Sugar was founded in the fittingly-named town of Sugar Land, Texas way back in 1843. The company was originally founded by Samuel May Williams, a member of one of the original 100 families to colonize Texas. Now, the company is owned by the Louis Dreyfus Group of the Netherlands and has refineries in California, Louisiana, and Georgia.

oldest business in Texas, Imperial Sugaroldest business in Texas, Imperial Sugar
Henry Be/Unsplash

In 2008, an explosion at their facility in Georgia tragically killed 14 people and injured 40 more. Despite the terrible accident, Imperial Sugar was able to get back on track when the Louis Dreyfus Group purchased the company to keep making things sweet.

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26. O’Malley’s Pub

State: Missouri
Year Established: 1842

Missouri is famous for slow-cooked barbeque and thick, tangy sauces, but this state also loves keeping their good old bars alive. O’Malley’s Pub, for example, first opened its doors in 1842. Today, the bar is in the basement of its building, but originally upstairs was a brewery as well.

oldest business in Missouri, O'Malley's Puboldest business in Missouri, O'Malley's Pub
O’Malley’s Pub Facebook

Though O’Malley’s was forced to close during Prohibition, the good people of Missouri brought it back. Now, visitors can tour the historic cellars, learn about the brewing process, and get tastes of ice cold beer from the brewery. Though the brewery is now next door to accommodate modern brewing processes, the lines still run into O’Malley’s Pub.

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25. C.D. Peacock

State: Illinois
Year Established: 1837

Jeweler Elijah Peacock came from England to set up shop in the New World in 1837, and that same shop has been in business ever since. His son Charles D. Peacock inherited the business, and his name C.D. has remained attached to the store. Though much of the store was burned in the great Chicago fire of 1871, the vault managed to survive.

oldest business in Illinois, C.D. Peacockoldest business in Illinois, C.D. Peacock
C.D. Peacock Facebook

In the 1970s, C.D. Peacock actually became the first jewelry store to sell mail-order jewels. The shop has had many famous customers over the years too, from Mary Todd Lincoln to Mick Jagger. These days, C.D. Peacock has three locations, all in Illinois.

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24. Bromberg’s

State: Alabama
Year Established: 1836

Bromberg’s in Birmingham, Alabama has been going strong and keeping it in the family since 1836. Founded in 1836 by a Prussian immigrant named Frederick Bromberg, today the jewelry store has four locations in Alabama and is still owned by the sixth generation of Bromberg’s, brothers Ricky and Frank.

oldest business in Alabama, Bromberg’soldest business in Alabama, Bromberg’s
Bromberg’s Facebook

According to its website, the store even managed to remain successful throughout the Great Depression. During the 50s, 60s, and 70s, Bromberg’s bought out other local stores to become a major source for fine jewelry in the area. They offer custom pieces, high-end brands, and even home furnishings and wedding registries.

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23. Register Publications

State: Indiana
Year Established: 1836

Since 1836, Register Publications has been reporting all the news that’s fit to print in Indiana. Register’s various papers all trace their roots back to The Dearborn County Register, a weekly paper that hits the stands every Thursday, and has for over a hundred years. Each week, Register Publications prints 3,500 copies of their flagship paper, and two-thirds of these papers are delivered directly to their subscribers.

oldest business in Indiana, Register Publicationsoldest business in Indiana, Register Publications
Roman Kraft/Unsplash

Today, Register Publications owns six other papers, including their former rival The Journal Press. The company also prints papers in Ohio and Over 50, a periodical targeting older members of their community.

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22. El Farol

State: New Mexico
Year Established: 1835

New Mexico’s oldest business is still an award-winning bar and restaurant today. El Farol in Santa Fe served its first glass of tequila back in 1835, when it was known as La Cantina del Canon. Though the restaurant has changed hands a number of times since then, it has carried on a proud tradition of serving great food and drink New Mexico style.

oldest business in New Mexico, El Farololdest business in New Mexico, El Farol
El Farol Facebook

On the menu at El Farol, you’ll find Spanish style tapas, paella, and big juicy steaks. At the bar, you can treat yourself to margaritas and sangria. Plus, the walls are adorned with murals created by renowned local artists. If you stop in on a Friday or Saturday night, you just might catch some live music while you’re at it.

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21. George Jerome & Co

State: Michigan
Year Established: 1828

Long before Detroit came to be known as the motor city, George Jerome & Co set up shop in the Michigan frontier. The land surveying and civil engineering company that Edwin Jerome founded back in 1828, went on to help build much of what would become the city of Detroit.

oldest business in Michigan, George Jerome & Cooldest business in Michigan, George Jerome & Co
Doug Zuba/Unsplash

According to local legend, Edwin Jerome was headed west toward Wisconsin during the Black Hawk Indian Wars, and trouble on the trail made him decide to settle in Michigan instead. The company has since been passed down through six generations of the Jerome family and is currently run by George G. Jerome Jr.

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20. Rose Law Firm

State: Arkansas
Year Established: 1820

Rose Law Firm isn’t just the oldest business in Arkansas. It’s also the oldest law firm west of the Mississippi River. The practice was established back in 1820, before Arkansas was even a state. The firm was founded by two young lawyers, Robert Crittenden and Chester Ashley. Crittenden was actually appointed Lieutenant Governor of the Arkansas territory by President James Monroe when he was just 22 years old.

oldest business in Arkansas, Rose Law Firmoldest business in Arkansas, Rose Law Firm

Today, six former members of the Rose Law Firm now sit on the Arkansas Supreme Court, and the firm can also boast that former member Hillary Rodham Clinton went on to serve as a U.S. Senator and as U.S. Secretary of State.

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19. The Golden Lamb

State: Ohio
Year Established: 1803

Lebanon, Ohio inn The Golden Lamb can proudly say they’ve been serving up great food for over two hundred years. How many spots can say that? The restaurant was founded in 1803 by Jonas Seaman, who spent just $4 to get the permit to open his business. In those days, the sign outside was just a picture of a golden lamb, as many patrons did not know how to read.

oldest business in Ohio, The Golden Lamboldest business in Ohio, The Golden Lamb
The Golden Lamb Facebook

Today, The Golden Lamb remains proud of its history and stays true to its roots. Guests can visit the museum rooms filled with Shaker furniture and artifacts, order a pint at the tavern, or have a meal in the restaurant.

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18. DuPont

State: Delaware
Year Established: 1802

Today, DuPont is a gigantic chemical company. In 2018, the company posted over $85 billion in revenue, and it’s considered to be one of the largest chemical manufacturing companies in the world. However, DuPont didn’t start out as a giant, and in fact, it’s the oldest business in the state of Delaware.

oldest business in Delaware, DuPontoldest business in Delaware, DuPont
DuPont Facebook

DuPont was founded in 1802 by a Frenchman named Éleuthère Irénée du Pont. He had fled his country to escape the French Revolution and soon set up shop in the States as a gunpowder manufacturer. His original worksite at Eleutherian Mills is now a National Historic Landmark, and at one time his company was the US Army’s largest gunpowder supplier.

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17. Fort Ticonderoga Ferry

State: Vermont
Year Established: 1799

Every day, the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry shuttles passengers and cars across Lake Champlain, from Shoreham, Vermont to Ticonderoga, New York. Rain or shine, the ferry runs all throughout the warm Spring and Summer season in all but the very worst weather. The ferry isn’t just the oldest business in Vermont; it’s also the oldest continually operated ferry line in the country.

oldest business in Vermont, Fort Ticonderoga Ferryoldest business in Vermont, Fort Ticonderoga Ferry
Fort Ticonderoga Ferry Facebook

The ferry crossing was first established in 1752, during the French Indian Wars, but it wasn’t until a few decades later that local tavern owner John Larrabee would begin offering regular crossings as a service.

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16. Jim Beam

State: Kentucky
Year Established: 1795

Jim Beam bourbon is sipped worldwide thanks to the incredible success of their two-hundred-year-old recipe. The company began when Jacob Beam, the son of a German immigrant in Kentucky, started making and selling bourbon, using a corn-whiskey recipe perfected by his father. He sold the first barrel of Jim Beam way back in 1795.

oldest business in Kentucky, Jim Beamoldest business in Kentucky, Jim Beam
Johann Trasch/Unsplash

Today, Jim Beam’s parent company, Beam Suntory, also owns the small batch Kentucky bourbon Maker’s Mark. The Spirits Business reports that in 2018, Jim Beam sold over 10 million cases of their famous corn liquor. That adds up to a lot of mint juleps!

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15. King’s Tavern

State: Mississippi
Year Established: 1789

King’s Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi, has more claim to a haunted past than most restaurants. According to locals, during a renovation in the 1930s, the skeletons of two men and one woman were found entombed in a wall behind the fireplace. Townspeople believe the woman was Madeline, the unlucky mistress of the tavern’s original owner Richard King, and they believe she was killed by King’s wife.

oldest business in Mississippi, King's Tavernoldest business in Mississippi, King's Tavern
Louis Hansel/Unsplash

People have reported some eerie happenings in the tavern, like seeing strange reflections in the mirror and feeling unexplained warm spots of air. In addition to potential brushes with the paranormal, the tavern still serves up food and drink just as they have since 1789.

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14. Tavern in Old Salem

State: North Carolina
Year Established: 1784

If you’ve ever wondered what it would have been like to live back in 1784, the Tavern in Old Salem in North Carolina can give you a taste for daily life in the past. Servers at this long-running restaurant dress in traditional Moravian garb just like the pilgrims and guests get to enjoy meals by candlelight in small, intimate dining rooms.

oldest business in North Carolina, Tavern in Old Salemoldest business in North Carolina, Tavern in Old Salem
Tavern in Old Salem Facebook

The Tavern’s menu appeals more to modern tastes than it would have to our forefathers. They serve upscale farm to table cuisine, craft cocktails, and draft beers that please the modern palate. And unlike the actual 1700s, if you get bored you can always look at your phone.

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13. McCrady’s

State: South Carolina
Year Established: 1778

In downtown Charleston, South Carolina, a historic brick building is home to a very old restaurant. McCrady’s was established in 1778 by a barber and vitner named Edward McCrady. McCrady built out the tavern, adding a long room which would eventually be used for theater troupe performances and hosting luminaries like President George Washington.

oldest business in South Carolina, McCrady's Stateoldest business in South Carolina, McCrady's State
McCrady’s Facebook

Today, McCrady’s looks historic on the outside but modern and sleek on the inside. The restaurant is the proud winner of a AAA five diamond award, the only restaurant in the state to hold that honor. It’s also known as one of Wine Enthusiasts’ top 100 restaurants in America.

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12. LaFitte’s Blacksmith Shop

State: Louisiana
Year Established: 1772

Jean Lafitte and his brother Pierre were French pirates and privateers who operated in the Gulf Coast region in the late 1700s. Their “blacksmith shop,” which opened in 1772, is thought to have been a cover for smuggling and other nefarious operations. Today, their shop remains one of the oldest buildings still standing in New Orleans, on the corner of Bourbon Street and St. Phillip Street.

oldest business in Louisiana, LaFitte's Blacksmith Shopoldest business in Louisiana, LaFitte's Blacksmith Shop
Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Facebook

The bar has survived two fires and withstood the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. It’s a favorite dive bar among locals and tourists alike, and another bar down the street also bearing Lafitte’s name has a claim to fame as the oldest gay bar in America.

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11. The Old 76 House

State: New York
Year Established: 1755

The building housing The Old 76 House was built way back in 1668, and thanks to its location in New York state, the building has seen quite a bit of early American history. The building was originally a house used as a meeting place by the patriots in the Revolutionary War, and famously the spy General John Andre was kept imprisoned there.

oldest business in New York, The Old 76 Houseoldest business in New York, The Old 76 House
The Old 76 House Facebook

It became a tavern in 1755 and the beers have been flowing ever since. The building was restored in 1987 by the Norden family, who took great pains to preserve its historic character. It is a designated National Historic Landmark, and we hear the food is well worth a taste.

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10. The Pirates’ House

State: Georgia
Year Established: 1753

In the seaport town of Savannah, Georgia, it was only natural that an inn catering to visiting seamen would flourish and thrive. The Pirates’ House, first founded in 1753, catered to that clientele and its history is littered with tall tales of sailors and pirates.

oldest business in Georgia, The Pirates' Houseoldest business in Georgia, The Pirates' House
The Pirates’ House Facebook

By the 1940s, the building had grown very dilapidated. The Savannah Gas Company acquired the building in 1945 and planned to demolish it, however, a certain Mary Hilyer had other plans for it. Her husband was the president of the gas company, and she convinced him to preserve the building and keep it operational. Under her guidance, it was transformed from an inn to a restaurant without losing its historic charm.

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9. Middleton Tavern

State: Maryland
Year Established: 1750

Middleton Tavern in Annapolis, Maryland, has seen more than its share of Founding Fathers patronize the inn and restaurant. Opened in 1750, the tavern has hosted George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and many more. Middleton Tavern was also a meeting place for the Freemasons and the Maryland Jockey Club. Fifth president James Monroe is also thought to have frequented the Middleton Tavern.

oldest business in Maryland, Middleton Tavernoldest business in Maryland, Middleton Tavern
Middleton Tavern Facebook

The Middleton Tavern has changed hands many times over the centuries, but its name has always remained the same. In 1983, the tavern was remodeled and expanded to include the oyster bar and upstairs dining rooms.

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8. The Rowland Company

State: Pennsylvania
Year Established: 1732

The Rowland Company was founded by Benjamin Rowland in 1732. Rowland was a descendent of a settler who had come to the colonies with William Penn, and he made and sold things like wagon springs and shovels. In the centuries to come, The Rowland Company adapted to changing customer needs, and by the 1950s most of their business was in making parts for cars and trucks.

oldest business in Pennsylvania, The Rowland Companyoldest business in Pennsylvania, The Rowland Company
The Rowland Company Facebook

Though The Rowland Company is no longer family-owned, they continue to operate in Pennsylvania. Their main products today are parts for industrial applications, including brakes, clutches, and other mechanical materials.

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7. Barnsboro Inn

State: New Jersey
Year Established: 1720

The Barnsboro Inn in Sewell, New Jersey, was built in 1720 by a man named John Budd. He built the original structure from local logs, and it still offers great views of the forest today. The cabin still stands today, and it is the oldest part of the inn. He secured a tavern license for the building, and that license has been active ever since.

oldest business in New Jersey, Barnsboro Innoldest business in New Jersey, Barnsboro Inn
Barnsboro Inn Facebook

Today, the inn serves classic bar food with a twist, like their spicy cajun calamari or crab cakes on a brioche bun. You can also order a craft beer or a glass of fine wine to sip with your meal. It’s a popular spot among the locals and a great place to visit for a glimpse into the past.

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6. Seaside Inn

State: Maine
Year Established: 1667

The Seaside Inn on Kennebunk Beach, Maine, has been in the same family for nine generations. Founded in 1667, the inn was founded by Jedidiah Gooch and was passed down through his sons until the fourth generation, when a daughter inherited the business. Today, the inn is owned by Trish and Ken Mason.

oldest business in Maine, Seaside Innoldest business in Maine, Seaside Inn
Seaside Inn Facebook

The Seaside Inn on the coast of Maine is a popular destination in the summer, when many tourists come to take in Maine’s rustic beauty. The Inn features 22 rooms, complimentary continental breakfast, and oceanfront views. There’s also a hot tub on the deck with a view of the water and misters on the patio to keep you cool on the hottest summer days.

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5. Barker’s Farm

State: Massachusetts
Year Established: 1642

North Andover, Massachusetts is home to one of the oldest businesses in the country. Barker’s Farm has been growing crops and local people have picked apples in their orchards since 1642. Incredibly, the farm is still in the Barker family. Diane Barker, the current owner, is the eleventh generation of Barkers to run the farm.

oldest business in Massachusetts, Barker's Farmoldest business in Massachusetts, Barker's Farm
Liana Mikah/Unsplash

Every fall, North Andover families love visiting the orchards at Barker’s Farm to go apple picking and enjoy the changing seasons. The farm also has a roadside stand that sells produce, pies, and local honey. Locals also love the apple donuts for sale at the farm stand.

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4. Field View Farm

State: Connecticut
Year Established: 1639

Field View Farm in Orange, Connecticut is another family farm that’s managed to keep going through twelve generations. Thomas Hine established the farm in 1639 and his descendants are still raising cattle there today. The three hundred-year-old farm is known for its dairy, and to this day locals rave on Yelp about the generous portions of homemade ice cream they serve.

oldest business in Connecticut, Field View Farmoldest business in Connecticut, Field View Farm
Markus Spiske/Unsplash

Today, the farm also makes a good share of its money selling agricultural equipment. They started this side hustle after a fire in 1996 wiped out a good portion of the farm and left the Hines family scrambling for cash. Luckily, they were able to get back on their feet and keep the ice cream coming.

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3. Tuttle’s Red Barn

State: New Hampshire
Year Established: 1632

In 1632, with a grant from King Charles I of England, John Tuttle came to the New World and founded his family’s farm. From that time on, the farm stayed in Tuttle’s family for eleven generations, operating seasonally and selling fresh fruits and vegetables. The latest Tuttle generation expanded to year-round operations and added cheeses and other goods to the farm’s selection.

oldest business in New Hampshire, Tuttle's Red Barnoldest business in New Hampshire, Tuttle's Red Barn
Tuttle’s Red Barn Facebook

However, in 2013, the Tuttles finally sought an outside buyer for their long-held family farm. Matt Kozazcki of Newbury, Massachusetts bought the farm for $1 million and continues to work the land there.

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2. Kenyon’s Grist Mill

State: Rhode Island
Year Established: 1632

You might be wondering, what is “grist” anyway? Well, it’s the whole grain that’s ground to make flour, usually corn or wheat. At Kenyon’s Grist Mill in Rhode Island, folks have been making flour for over three hundred years. In the beginning, farmers would bring their grain to the mill to be ground and pay the miller for the service. In 1909, the mill was bought by C.D. Kenyon who had another idea.

oldest business in Rhode Island, Kenyon Gristoldest business in Rhode Island, Kenyon Grist
Kenyon’s Grist Mill Facebook

Kenyon started to grind and package grain and sell it at the mill and various markets all over the state. Today, Kenyon’s is known for its quality cornmeal, called Johnny Cake Meal, and other packaged flours.

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1. Shirley Plantation

State: Virginia
Year Established: 1613

Shirley Plantation, founded in 1613, was the first plantation to be established in the state. It was first owned by Edward Hill I, but the current plantation mansion wasn’t completed until 1738. The great house remains much as it was then to this day, and direct descendants of Hill still own and live on the plantation.

oldest business in Virginia, Shirley Plantationoldest business in Virginia, Shirley Plantation
Shirley Plantation Facebook

Shirley Plantation has been passed down through eleven generations of the Hill family, and it is still a working cotton plantation today. The plantation is also designated as a National Historic Landmark, and visitors can pay to tour the grounds and see the historic house, fields, and even the old slave quarters.