physical health

If employees are not given paid sick time, one of two things could happen. First, they could prioritize their physical health by taking unpaid sick days, therefore risking their financial security. Or, they could prioritize their financial security and decide to work while sick – putting themselves at risk of prolonging their health issues because they haven’t had enough time to recover.

Either way, this is unfair to employees, especially those who work hard at what they do. Here’s how to find a solution if you’re stuck in a job that won’t allow you paid sick leave.

Sick and Tired

Working while sick often leads to a reduction in productivity. Not to mention, other employees are at risk of catching something if one employee has a contagious condition.

So, what do you do in this situation?

Save for Emergencies

The easiest way to cope with unpaid sick days is to set up an emergency fund. Balance your budget and find ways to save for times when you may be too under the weather to work.

You’ll want to have money saved for those missed days, as well as co-pays and medical expenses you may incur. If you’re tight on cash, there’s also another potential solution for unpaid sick days.

See What’s Out There

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your employer. If you’ve proven time and time again you’re a good worker, they should be able to offer you paid sick days to alleviate financial and physical stress. But, what if they don’t allow it?

If your employer won’t budge on unpaid sick days, it may be time to look for a new position. If you’re investing your time and effort into a business, your employer should be able to do the same for you in the form of paid sick leave. After all, you never know what new benefits are waiting for you if you don’t look for them.