Human brains are wired for pleasure. We like immediate gratification. That’s why buying a brand-new iPhone seems exciting and fun – but putting money into your savings account does not.

But saving doesn’t have to be hard. Here are 3 ways to make it so simple, you won’t even realize you’re doing it.

Set Up Automatic Deductions

If you have to decide to save money, chances are it’s not going to happen. Let’s face it — there is always something else that seems more important. Lunch out at the office, your daily Starbucks run, a subscription to the sock club.

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The solution is this: take the choice out of the equation. You can set up automatic deductions for everything from your 401(k) to your personal savings account. And when the money is taken directly out of your paycheck, you’ll never even notice that it’s gone.

Utilize Savings Apps

Smartphones make the world a better place…ok, that’s debatable. But they definitely make saving easier. Today there are dozens of apps that help you put away money with just the click of a button.

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Each one has its own angle, but they all offer the same service: collect small amounts of money that add up over time. Some link to investment portfolios, some put the money right in your savings account, and still others let you earn prizes and rewards.

Let Your Credit Cards Work For You

A lot of savings advice will say that you should never use credit cards. But guess what? Some people don’t like using cash, and that’s ok.

Today’s credit cards offer benefits that can actually help you save money.


Many allow you to earn cash rewards that you can have deposited directly into your bank account. Others let you earn gift cards that can be used towards everyday items such as food or gas. You can take any money saved on those items and set it aside for later. There is just one caveat: you must be able to pay off your balance every month. A credit card isn’t an excuse to go spending all willy-nilly.

None of these strategies are going to make you rich, but every little bit adds up. And when you see that extra money in your savings account, you’ll feel great!