Part-Time Jobs

The Balance

So you’ve finally retired and you’re thinking, “now what?” Whether you’re generally bored or just interested in picking up some extra income, here are a few part-time jobs to keep you busy. The best part? Some of these positions average $20 per hour.

Need More Young Minds To Influence?

If you are looking for a flexible work schedule, consider substitute teaching. Most of these opportunities pay a maximum of $125 per day. Although this job isn’t the most lucrative, it can be very rewarding to substitute teach if you enjoy being around children and still want a considerable amount of freedom in retirement. In addition, you do not need a teaching degree to land a substitute teaching gig.

Miss The Cubicle Life?

If you’re organized and like working in an office environment, seek out an executive administrative assistant position. These positions, as well as executive secretaries, can make you about $20 per hour on average. Job duties typically consist of clerical work, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and preparing important meeting documents. Only a high school diploma is typically required. 

An Entry-Level Medical Profession

Physical therapy assistants come out on top as the highest paying job on this list with an average pay of $26 per hour. Only an associates degree is required to assist professional physical therapists with preparing and recording therapy sessions. Other physical therapist assistant tasks may include helping patients with exercising, massaging, and stretching.

Know A Lot About Your Town?

If you have a passion for where you live or tout that you know where to get the best steak in town, you may want to seek a position as a concierge at a hotel. While these positions only earn about $13 per hour, it can be a fun way to pass the time and meet new people if you’re particularly involved in your community.

Want To Help Ease Suffer

Licensed practical or vocational nurses perform basic nursing tasks under the supervision of a registered nurse or doctor, such as changing bandages and checking vital signs. Usually, only a one-year education program is needed to help you get licensed and start making about $22 per hour on average for part-time work.