‘Do you mind? Trying to focus here.’

Work from home pets
dogsworkingfromhome via Instagram

While most dogs are delighted to be able to spend more time with their human companions, this Corgi is finding it hard to concentrate on her work with all the extra commotion in the house. 

She’d appreciate it if you’d go read a book or something. A dog has deadlines, after all.

We’re beginning to suspect the new IT guy lied on his resume …

cats working from home
jtduong15 via Instagram

Look, I hate to say it but this guy has no clue what he’s doing. All he seems interested in is knocking things off tables and chewing up wires. With all that being said, I think he deserves a raise.

Or at least a few treats and scritches under the chin. Say what you will about the results of his methods, but he’s doing his best. Can’t fault him for that.

‘Is it break time yet?’

Dogs work from home, Pets work from home
dogsworkingfromhome via Instagram

“No? OK, I’ll check back in 7.3 seconds.”

Even though this Shiba Inu is getting much more attention during the week these days, it doesn’t seem to be enough. 

It’s hard to get anything done around here.

But just look at that face! Ugh, fine. Let’s go get the leash. I can get back to these spreadsheets later.

I guess that’s enough work for today …

cats work from home, pets work from home
blackedraven via Twitter

Unless this woman is able to type with one hand and doesn’t need to use the left side of the keyboard for the rest of the day, I think it’s safe to say her productivity has come to a grinding halt.

Oh well, I’m sure if she just sends her boss this picture they’ll understand. Work is important, but you NEVER disturb a resting cat. It’s the law.

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cats work from home, dogs work from home
TAndre6 via Twitter

For cute! This cat heard you needed some help organizing your files and was more than willing to lend a helping paw. Be sure to let them know if you need any help shredding all that extra toilet paper you have lying around.

This is just further proof that even though cats get a bad rap sometimes, all they want to do is be your friend … and be left alone sometimes. Also, some catnip would be nice.

The ultimate guilt trip

dogs work from home, pets work from home
IEX-NoAverageJoe via Reddit

Have you ever been so disappointed with someone that you can’t even bear to look at them? That appears to be the case for this dog, whose master made the egregious sin of having work to do when it’s time to play.

There’s no telling when this overgrown pup will get over this betrayal, but we have a feeling it’ll be around the time their owner decides to take them on a W-A-L-K.

‘Oof. We really need to cut costs’

dogs work from home, pets work from home
dogsworkingfromhome via Instagram

“Have you any idea how much money we spend on kitty litter each week? I’m just saying.”

We’re not sure what’s on this dog’s screen to cause such alarm but, whatever it is, it’s not good.

Looks like this canine is gonna have to weather the storm, same as the rest of us. It’s a “ruff” time for the economy.


cats work from home, pets work from home
antogold via Twitter

When there’s an adorable cat resting on your lap, you’re legally required to remain still until the feline decides to hop off. It could be minutes, it could be weeks. Them’s the rules. But what if you have work to do?

This couple came up with the “purrfect” solution. Now they’re free to do what they need to do without disturbing their furry friend. Genius.

Though by the look on that cat’s face, the deception might not hold up much longer.

‘So … this is just a ruff draft, right?’

dogs work from home, pets work from home
dogsworkingfromhome via Instagram

“Because I see quite a lot errors in the first paragraph alone. I hope I can count on you to fix these mistakes, otherwise we’re gonna have to put you on a short leash.”

It’s tough working from home when your new boss keeps dogging you all day.

“As you know, we’ve already got some advertisers threatening to pull the plug on us, and we can’t afford to keep chasing our tails around here.” 

Hedgehog holder

hedgehog desk, pets work from home
MaryMeisenzahl via Twitter

“The new coworker is great, but he can be a little prickly at times.”

“I know … but he’s sooo cute.”

This woman came to the ingenious realization that the drawer on her new lap desk doubled as a perfectly sized hedgehog perch. Everything will go fine as long as she doesn’t try to double click her pet.

‘We need to talk about your performance’

cats work from home, pets work from home
therealbradbabs via Twitter

There’s nothing quite like when you’re called into your boss’s office to discuss how poorly you’ve been doing at work. It’s even worse when it’s in your own living room.

“You see, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt. But then you go and forget to clean the litter box for a couple of days … I think it would be best if you sought out other employment opportunities. Preferably outside this house.”

‘Those quarterly numbers are looking BAAAAAAD’

goat on laptop, pets work from home
brendalyntc via Twitter

Goats are underrated pets. Sure, they’re loud, eat practically everything, and are impossible to potty-train, but they more than make up for it with their personality. At least, we think they do.

This woman decided to get creative to prevent her goat from relieving itself in her home. But according to a follow-up tweet, the diapers aren’t cutting it.

“She jumps around and kicks until it falls off,” she wrote. “Next move: suspenders.”

How rude

dogs work from home, pets work from home
tly0225 via Reddit

Clearly, this dog needs some lessons in social distancing as well as manners. That’s OK though, we’re willing to look past that.

It may be difficult to get any work done with that face constantly taunting you. Oh well, looks like some belly rubs and snacks are in order. Isn’t working from home great?

Just checking in on you

cats work from home, pets work from home
LucyFurTweets via Twitter

“Hey, so I know you must be really busy … but my food bowl needs a little sprucing up. Oh no, there’s plenty of food, it just needs to be shaken around a little bit. You know I only eat from the center of the bowl.”

“I’d also appreciate some kisses and gentle scratches on the back of my neck. No rush, I know you’re busy.”

‘For the last time: No, I haven’t seen your laptop.’

dog on laptop, dogs work from home, pets work from home
darylmeador via Twitter

This cute pupper is getting sick and tired of you asking. How about you stop looking and just give him some belly scratches, OK?

According to animal behaviorists, cats and dogs love to plop down on your laptop for one specific reason: They know you’ll give them attention. Sure, it’s warm, but there are plenty of other cozy spots in your home.

‘Oh no. No, this is all wrong’

cat looking on the computer, cats work from home, pets work from home
thelilacprince via Instagram

This is why it’s best to never let your editor review your work before you’ve looked it over a couple of times yourself. He demands “purrfection.”

This kitty may be cute, but he is ruthless when it comes to his editing. He’ll tear your copy up like it’s the back of an expensive couch. And by the look on his face, he’s not impressed with your latest offering.

Isolation is taking a toll on all of us

cats work from home, pets work from home
BelarustheCat via Reddit

Is being stuck in the house starting to drive you crazy? Hopefully you’re not struggling as much as this poor cat. At least he’s getting plenty of attention.

In fact, cats are almost always home and they’ve figured out some great ways to pass the time. Perhaps take some inspiration from our feline friends. Got an empty cardboard box somewhere? Try sitting in it. Can’t sleep at 3 a.m.? Try going absolutely nuts for no reason.

Happy hour is now a full-day affair

dog having a drink, happy hour dog, pets work from home
dogsworkingfromhome via Instagram

One odd side effect of isolation is that no one seems to know what day or what time it is. One thing’s for sure: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

Who among us hasn’t fallen asleep while drinking wine and working simultaneously? I mean, not me of course (please don’t fire me).

You have to admit, this floofy pup definitely captures these perpetual Monday vibes.

‘Have you tried looking at it from another angle?’

cats work from home, pets work from home
Zippymaczipface via Reddit

Looks like it’s time to take another break. Working from home is so exhausting! Good thing this laptop screen makes such a nice pillow.

“You need to get back to work. Right meow!”

I don’t even have any more jokes for this one. Just look at that little tooth! Adorable. 

Hard work never goes unappreciated around here

rabbit working from home, pets work from home
kleirrozel via Twitter

It’s about time he got some recognition. He’s always sniffing out ways to improve things and never hesitates to hop on a new project.

Truth be told, I think we could all learn a thing or two from our friend Elvis here: Always eat plenty of veggies, and save like you’ve got 30 kids to feed.

Not everyone is a fan of working from home

cats work from home, pets work from home
bao_bao_bun via Twitter

In fact, this Scottish Fold would like nothing more than for their owner to get back in the office. That way she’ll be free to walk all over the kitchen table whenever she pleases, thank you very much.

According to her, this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. So what you might lose your life, you’ve got eight more anyway, right?

‘I need another set of eyes on this.’

cat photobombing
oihamza via Twitter

It looks like an unexpected guest decided to drop in on this conference call. It’s against company policy, but I think we can make an exception, just this once.

Honestly, getting to know your coworker’s pets is one of the few good things about this whole situation. Every conference call could use a cat, I’m sure we all could agree.

Who taught you to make a spreadsheet?

cats work from home, spreadsheet cat
Pav291 via Twitter

These cats have been spending so much time in front of our laptops that they must be learning a thing or two. It’s only a matter of time before they start taking our jobs.

Once they can afford to buy their own toys, food, and catnip they won’t have much use for us. The revolution has already begun. Open your eyes.

Kitty is trying to rest

work from home cat, work from home pets
typhanii via Twitter

“Would you mind keeping your arms still, please? I’m trying to sleep.” This kitten appreciates the comfortable resting place your lap provides, but would appreciate a little less commotion. This is his home, after all. 

This is definitely one of those situations where it’s like you can hear a photo. We only wish we could pet one as well.

‘Please don’t bother me, I haven’t had my coffee yet.’

work from home dogs, work from home pets
hailing_taxi via Instagram

Some of us are having a “ruff” time adapting to this new working environment. Belly rubs are nice, but they’re not gonna pay the bills around here. 

Still, that’s no excuse to be rude to your coworkers. There’s only so much you can get away with by being cute and little. Actually, we take that back. You can get away with everything.

Caught looking at pictures of dogs while at work

dog on the job, dogs work from home, pets work from home
dogsworkingfromhome via Instagram

“Wait, look. I can explain!”

Perhaps it’s because of what’s on his screen, or perhaps it’s because he’s not wearing pants (that’s common these days, so I hear). Either way, this pupper knows he is busted.

All that’s left to do now is beg for forgiveness and promise it won’t happen again. Even the goodest boys mess up every once in a while.

A tail of two doggos

dog on zoom, work from home dog
carpe_deez via Reddit

There seems to be plenty of debate these days about what constitutes appropriate work-from-home attire. But one thing is for sure: What your boss doesn’t know won’t hurt them.

So when a work meeting only requires you to be present through audio only, many of us (but not me) are happy just to roll to one side of the bed and pop in some earbuds. If a video conference is requested, you’ve got to put in some extra effort, something this dog has learned well.

We would watch it all day

work from home cat, pets work from home, zoom call cat
solace357 via Twitter

This kitty seems to love the spotlight. If you put all the work in making a special setup for your Zoom meetings, it seems a shame to only use for minutes at a time. Why not give your coworkers what they really want?

By that, we mean a constant live feed of your cat doing whatever your cat does? It would definitely cheer up your coworkers, plus the cat looks like they enjoy the extra attention.

‘Alright can you run that by me one more time?’

dog boss, dog supervisor, dogs work from home
Connor Howe

This new boss is a real micromanager. Any time we start a new project she just has to put her paws all over it. At least she’s good at sniffing out solutions where no one else can find them.

Sometimes her ideas are welcome, but other times she’ll just have us chasing our tails for weeks at a time. Even so, we wouldn’t trade her for the world. Best. Boss. Ever.

‘Give me pets, or I knock this water on your laptop. It’s your choice.’

business cat, don't anger the cat
bernie_and_friends via Instagram

When bribing you with a dead mouse didn’t work, this cat decided to employ a new tactic. By the look on her face you can tell it’s not a threat, it’s a promise. I think we better schedule a meeting with the Human Resources department.

We’ve all had coworkers that just make your job more difficult. Clearly this kitty who doesn’t care at all about your deadline. Doesn’t she know we’re supposed to work as a team? Looks like she could use some mindfulness.