Poor Money Management

Road Affair

raveling the world can create lasting memories full of new sights, new friends, and new experiences. But, with costs that quickly add up, some may find that the expensive flights, tours, and extravagant meals end up breaking the bank. Here are five tips to enjoy a vacation without worrying about your wallet.

Research Hotels And Accommodations Beforehand

With companies like Airbnb and Home Away, there are so many more accommodation options available than there used to be. It’s also worth looking at smaller, boutique hotels that might cost less than your brand-name hotel.

Unless your vacation is about the luxurious amenities at a five-star hotel, you probably won’t plan on being in the room all that much anyways. Whatever your vision is for your travel accommodation, make sure to research your options ahead of time to know the different price points offered.

Save On Transportation

Depending on where you are traveling, most major cities have great public transportation. Learning a country’s rail system can save you a ton of money as taxis can add up and the cost is less structured.

Public transportation can also save you time, depending on how bad traffic is. Just be sure if you are in a group, and especially with kids, that you stick together as public transportation can sometimes get crowded.

Pay For Activities And Meals From A Collective Fund

If everyone has come to a consensus on what activities to do and what restaurants to visit, it can help to put one person in charge of paying.

Pull your cash together, or Venmo the responsible person ahead of time, so when it comes time to pay, it’s already taken care of. Many restaurants in European countries don’t even accept more than one debit card, so having one fund to pay from can help ease your stress when the check comes.d

Be Smart About Your Cash

With exchange rates, your dollar might not go as far as you’re used to, depending on where you are traveling. Take cash out a little at a time so you don’t overspend. In addition, there are certain debit cards that do not charge an exchange fee for using an ATM. This can save you more money than you might think.

In addition, taking a smaller amount of cash out at a time, or keeping cash in different places, makes you less vulnerable to pick-pocketers and won’t leave you penniless if anything were to happen.

Prioritize Your Activities

If there’s something on your “must do” list, research the activity beforehand and see if they have any group or discounted rates before your trip.

Also, if there’s a popular tourist attraction you want to fit in, it might be worth paying more for a pass to skip a line or for a VIP tour. Just be aware of what your priorities are and what your time and the activity is worth to you.