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Smartphones are undeniably expensive nowadays. Some argue that the price is so high because of the many things that we can do on our phones. Cell phones are not just for making phone calls anymore. Now, we literally have mini computers in our hand. We use them for GPS, emails, presentations, and so much more!

Although our phones are full of advanced features, many still do not believe that justifies spending nearly $1,000 to have one. Some would prefer to have just basic features without that huge price tag. That is completely understandable. Why pay big bucks for features you’re not going to use? Well, you don’t have to. There are plenty of affordable smartphones that coast under the radar.

Battery plus

The Xiami Pocofone F1 is an amazing phone for an amazing price. It runs an Android operating system with a skin. The device has several premium features that you would like in a smartphone. For starters, the battery is huge at 4000mAh. A battery of that size can take you through an entire day and still have some percentage left. It also has a fingerprint scanner on the back to make it easy to unlock your phone when you need it. Even the camera on this device is pretty good.  What’s even better is that the Xiami Pocofone F1 can be purchased for $300!

Making a comeback

Nokia used to be the cellphone giant. Everyone had one of the boxy phones before the slim and sleek look was in. Well now, Nokia is looking to make a comeback with their Nokia 7.1 device. The device is well polished with glass, a fingerprint scanner on the back, and a dual lens camera. It also has the ability for expandable storage and has a USB-c connector at the bottom. You know what that means, it has the capability for a fast charge! The Nokia 7.1 runs on stock Android operating system and it costs a comfortable $350.

Price too good to be true

The Blu Vivo XL4 has a shockingly low price of about $150. For that price, you’re expecting nothing more than a flip phone I’m sure. Surprisingly, though, this device has all of the bells and whistles that you’re probably used to in a smartphone. It has 32gb of internal storage, 13.2 mp camera, the ability to expand the storage, and it has a 4000mAh battery. This device also comes with some extras like a wired headset, two cases, a sticker, and a screen protector! The device runs the Android operating system.

Win some, lose some

Getting a smartphone for $350 or less is definitely a win! Of course, for the price, you will be losing the quality of some features or losing features altogether. These phones are perfect if you want a basic smartphone experience that can do simple things like run GPS, allow you to check emails, surf the web, text, make phone calls, etc. These phones also come with great batteries and some pretty solid designs. You may experience some inferior sound and picture quality but they’re good enough to get the job done.

Affordable phones are definitely out there and you can get what you want for a reasonable price. If you want features like wireless charging and face ID, check out devices by Huawei and Oppo. You’ll have to pay a little more than $350 but still nowhere close to $1,000. Don’t get sucked into the trend of having one of the two top phones. There are so many phones that offer premium features for a much more practical price.