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The national median cost of a single-family home in the States reached $269,000 during the second quarter of 2018. However, the kind of house you can get with this money drastically depends on the location of your home. Some states will give you more bang for your buck than others.


In Chicago, you can get yourself a bungalow-style home boasting 2,370 square footage, six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an acreage of 0.09. You can even bag yourself a property with an all-around contemporary aesthetic, complete with hardwood flooring and a modern kitchen.

You might even be able to source property with a separate laundry room, a cute back garden, and a garage large enough to fit two cars.


In Phoenix, you don’t get as much per square foot for your money, but you enjoy a considerable amount of acreage. You can source property with a 1,548 square footage, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 0.11 acres worth of land. In some cases, you can also enjoy access to a two-car garage, a private outdoor pool, a small back garden, and patio.

Open floor plans are incredibly popular here, and with sizeable windows, the property could benefit from plenty of natural light. For this money, you should also be able to find a community that offers decent amenities like a public swimming pool and tennis courts for you to enjoy. 


In contrast, in Seattle, you’d only be able to afford a smaller property. You’re looking at an average square footage of 867, two bedrooms and one bathroom. You should be able to get a condo with a contemporary open floor plan, large windows that make the most of the natural light, and stylish oak-wood floors.

If you’re lucky, you may also stumble across a place that has enough space for a separate dining area and a walk-in closet — all within this budget.