Protect Your Bank Account

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Credit card transactions and electronic banking have made life easier for scam artists because they don’t have to be near you to steal from you. They do their dirt with the click of a button. Don’t lose your hard earned money to thieves. Protect yourself with these tips.

Shake Before You Swipe

Fraudsters use machines called skimmers. Skimmers look like a legitimate card scanner, but they capture your information and send it to thieves. To make sure that you’re swiping a scanner and not a skimmer, grab the slot and shake it. If it’s loose, it could be a skimmer.

Protect Your PIN

Fraudsters set up cameras near credit card terminals to record people typing in their PINs. With a credit card number and a PIN, a thief has free reign to your funds. To make sure prying eyes don’t steal your PIN, completely cover the keypad when you enter your PIN.

Beware Of Suspicious Phone Calls

Scam artists call people pretending to be an electric company or some other business that needs urgent payment. As a rule, don’t pay by phone unless you initiated the call. If you’re not sure, ask questions. Google the company’s number and verify it before making a payment.

Have An Eagle Eye

There are scam artists in legitimate businesses, too. Sometimes waiters run cards through a real scanner and a skimmer. Don’t let your card out of your sight. Ask to see it being scanned. Never let someone scan your card multiple times claiming that it’s been denied. Be assertive!

Know Your Numbers

Thieves are always coming up with new tricks, so there’s no way to know every scam that exists. The best protection is to regularly monitor your bank account. Review each transaction line by line. If there are any names or amounts that don’t add up, contact your bank.