Air Miles

Accor Hotels

Traveling by plane is one of the easiest, yet most expensive, ways to get where you need to go. We all seem to have a friend who’s always bragging about free trips they’ve taken with all the air miles they’ve accumulated. How can you do it too?

Eat Your Way To Vacation

The first step is to sign up for your favorite airline’s air mile program online. Link your most used credit card. Then, let the savings begin! Most programs offer a set number of miles for every dollar spent on certain purchases, and there are thousands of national restaurants included.

Stay At The Right Place

If you’re flying, chances are you’ll be staying at a hotel too. Check to see which hotels are recognized under your air mile program, and stay there. This is one way to earn air miles while making purchases you have to make anyway. There’s another easy way.

Rent Right

People who travel by plane are also very likely to need a car rental. Be sure to rent from an agency that’s recognized by your air mile program. Many air mile programs even have a portal on their website to rent cars directly from there, which gives you miles.

Get Things Done Around The House

Air mile programs reward you for spending, and there is an endless possibility of the purchases that result in more air miles. Some companies give you points for hiring a certain electrician. Others reward flyers for making energy friendly upgrades to their home. Research your airline’s policies for offers.

Get Those Fingers Flying

While these aren’t offered by all airlines, some of them do give points for making positive posts about the airline on social media or using certain hashtags. Other airlines give miles for completing a certain number of online surveys. There are plenty of ways to get miles for free!