Nearly half of today’s workforce is made up of millennials and the world hasn’t fallen apart yet. Millennials, the name for the generation of people born from roughly 1982 to the early 2000s, have gotten a bad rap for the past few years as an entitled generation with no work ethic.

But that stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a recent study called “Generation Nation” by research firm 747 Insights and consumer intelligence platform Collaborata shows that millennials have contributed quite a bit to the workplace.

They Are Extremely Well-Connected

It’s no secret that millennials know how to network. With their long lists of Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with the people that matter. It’s been said that instead of six degrees of separation, millennials now can connect with almost anyone through just two degrees of separation.

They Have Increased Productivity With Technology

Since millennials have entered the workforce, things are getting done faster and more efficiently thanks to the way they’ve incorporated technology. With the use of the cloud, real-time information and other innovative technologies, it’s clear that If you give your millennial employees the resources and environment to thrive in, your productivity rates will skyrocket.

They Want To Make A Difference

In the study, many people surveyed affirmed that the millennials in their office truly care about their work and its impact on the world around them. For this generation, a job means more than just a paycheck; it’s a chance to make a difference.

This outlook on work means employers are seeing more loyal and positive employees when the company has a vision and purpose their workers can stand behind.

They Bring A New Perspective To The Workplace

When it comes to creating a healthy work environment and even work-life balance, millennials are changing the game. Employees who fall within the millennial generation have created an expectation that work isn’t just a 9-to-5 job, but a place where you can make friends and have fun.

Imagine that! Work doesn’t have to be such a bummer after all. Millennials have elevated the expectation of company culture with added perks like health and wellness programs and recreational activities in the office but still work just as hard. In the Generation Nation study, 57% of millennial survey respondents consider themselves to be hard workers.

They Are Flexible And Adapt Quickly To Change

While some view certain personality traits often seen in millennials as a hindrance, others are starting to see these characteristics as offering added value. For example, the tendency to speak their minds can translate to millennials asking questions and suggesting more efficient processes rather than following a method blindly. This, along with the environment most millennials grew up in makes them extremely flexible and adaptable to change.