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The majority of Americans are only aware of financial reports pertaining to credit. However, there are lots more out there that detail, analyze, and report information you didn’t even know mattered, from your fundraising contributions to connections with other consumers. Check out these five reports that you probably didn’t even know existed.

No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed

Did you know that your charitable giving is scored and reported? DonorTrends analyzes donations and creates a report to be used by fundraisers. The fundraisers use the information to determine which individuals are more likely to donate to their causes. Fortunately, the information being analyzed is all used in-house by the fundraising organization.

Degrees of Separation

The Smartlinx uses a variety of information to determine how people are connected. We’re talking things like arrest history, licensing information, business connections, physical appearance, and more. This report gets very very up close and personal. Fortunately, consumers are able to contact LexisNexis to request a copy of the information gathered to build the report.

You’re Denied!

When applying for life and health insurance, certain factors cause individuals to be denied coverage. After being denied, what is to stop that person from going to another insurance company and omitting the information that got them denied before? That is where the MIB Consumer File comes in. This report contains previous applications submitted for insurance, if they were approved or denied, and the reason.

Junk Mail Beware

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting spam mail and calls trying to sell you stuff? The ConsumerView Profitability Score is probably the culprit. Marketers use this report to determine which households would be good candidates for some of these “too good to be true” offers. The report provides information on individuals that have a good repayment history and a decent income. It then ranks them based on who would be susceptible to actually applying for the offers.

Black and White

Majority of these reports are for the benefit of major companies. There is one, though, that benefits the consumer. The Insurability Score designed by The Zebra helps to make insurance more clear and easy to understand. It paints things in black and white. The report rates users based off information that they provide. Once the score is determined, it gives tips on how they can increase their chances of being approved for reasonable coverage.