Everyone dreams of being a millionaire, right? Chances are we’re not all going to land jobs that will make us millionaires overnight. But there are some jobs that will let us retire as millionaires, even before the average retirement age of 67. Here are a few of the best ones.


Give your retirement savings a boost with this career path. In addition to being a fun job (finally, you get to be the one telling people to floss more), the average dentist makes over $151,000 per year, which will help set you up for a great retirement. By the time you walk out of work for good, you could have over $3 million saved up!

Pixabay / Jarmoluk


Maclean’sIf you want to help bring justice to the masses and also want to bring home a hefty paycheck, you might want to consider being a judge. With an average salary of over $133,000, you can make major savings throughout your career, and by the time you retire, you could save over $2.5 million.

Airline pilots

With this job, you’ll take to the skies—and so will your retirement savings! With pilots earning an average salary of $137,000 per year, you can put away quite a bit of that each year towards your retirement. In just 25 years, you could have savings of nearly $2 million! 

Chief executives

If you like planning, organizing, and directing business operations, this might be the job for you. At one of the highest levels of management in a business, it gives you a pretty sizeable paycheck, too, with an average salary of $183,270. Save accordingly, and by the time you retire, you could have over $4 million.


This type of job—administering anesthesia before, during, and after surgeries—has some heavy responsibilities. But the pay’s heavy too, coming in at an average salary of $265,990. Setting aside quite a bit each year, you could save up to $5 million after just 25 years. Imagine the savings you could have by the time you retire!