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The next time it’s time to revamp your resume, quantify your achievements. Prospective employers want to know that you can deliver results. The fact that you worked in sales for T-Mobile doesn’t communicate that you can bring home the bacon. Numbers do. 

Prove that you’re the person who can elevate whatever organization hires you. Here’s how to lay out the hard facts of what you have to offer.

Using Numbers To Describe Your Effectiveness

The key is to communicate that you understand the importance of measurable results. According to Louise Kursmark, an executive résumé writer and author of several books on résumés, “instead of listing your daily tasks, talk about what you did that made your company better or your department more successful.”

Not all of your professional accomplishments can be described in numbers, but for those that can, be as specific as possible. You may not know the exact number of annual sales you pulled in, but a rough estimate will work fine in most cases.

How Do Your Accomplishments Elevate The Group?

Your resume is an opportunity to display your understanding of what matters to most companies: the company’s financial success. Don’t just post personal numbers. Connect them to the impact they’ve made.

Show that you understand how to help fuel the greater engine of the business. If sales were lower before you began working for a company, comment how your contributions helped increase shareholder value and profitability.

How Much Bragging Is Too Much?

If your resume is longer than two pages, it better be worth it. Whatever you do, don’t waste your potential employer’s time. You may very well be a rock star. Show it, but don’t write a novel! Applying for your first position in a new career? Avoid fluffing your resume out with filler figures and unrelated accomplishments.

If you feel like you’re coming up short on directly-related accomplishments, focus on your emotional intelligence and people skills. A high EQ is one of the most valuable assets you can bring to the table. Display objective value in a concise manner. Your resume will be irresistible!