Gronkowski money advice

Getty/Jim Rogash

The New England Patriot’s star tight end, Rob Gronkowski, is an anomaly in the world of professional athletes. While many of them live lavish lifestyles, buying mansions and more luxury cars than they have garage space for, Gronkowski has spent the last eight years saving every dime of his NFL paycheck and making sure he is set for retirement.

He puts everything in savings

Since starting his career in 2010, he has not once touched his NFL salary. In fact, all of that money goes directly into savings and he lives entirely off of the money he gets from endorsements and marketing. With a base salary of $8 million just in 2018, he is building up a fortune for when he retires.

He wears his clothes until he can’t anymore

Having grown up wearing hand-me-downs from his brothers, Gronkowski is used to wearing old clothes and has not changed this habit since. He doesn’t buy designer clothes and the clothes he does own, he wears until they are worn out. He even still has his favorite pair of jeans from high school.

He keeps it simple

Gronkowski admits that there are certain things with high price tags he might like to buy one day, but for right now, he is choosing to save the money instead. He has what he needs, but understands that at this time in his career, he’s spending most of his days on the field anyways.

He’d rather donate to charity than splurge

While there have been rumors that Gronkowski and his brothers have run up $100,000 bar tabs, the football player says it’s just not something he would ever do. In fact, when he spends his extra money it’s on things that matter like his Gronk Youth Nation Foundation or the New England hospitals he frequently gives to.

He helps other players make smart financial decisions

For some of the younger players who are seeing their first large paycheck, Gronkowski is the first to help them make some smart financial decisions. When he sees someone renting an expensive car just to be seen in it, he encourages them to buy it instead so they aren’t wasting their money on something they don’t own.