Job hunting can be downright exhausting! Potential employers seem to scrutinize everything you say and do. Before you know it, you make one false move and it’s on to the next potential candidate. Explore the ways you could be sabotaging your job search so you can nail your next interview and land that dream job!

Not Networking

Maybe you’re having trouble finding a job you want… or a job, at all! When searching for your next big break, utilize your friend group. People always talk about networking, but that’s because it really can work. Ask your friends if they know of any openings. Reach out to previous co-workers and see if they know of anything available in the area. The more people you contact, the more likely you’ll find something!

Dressing Inappropriately For The Big Interview

This may come as a no-brainer, but it’s also a very common mistake. Look for specific dress code rules in your interview confirmation email, or simply ask if you’re scheduling over the phone. Or go the safe route in business casual. Whatever you do, ditch the sneakers and please remember to brush that hair!

Bad-Mouthing Your Previous Employers

Regardless of how you left your last job, never, ever speak negatively of your previous employers. It’s a red flag to your interviewer that you’re either difficult or very unprofessional. If you have bad blood with your past place of work, find a positive way to say things simply didn’t work out.

Acting a Little Too Comfortable

Your interviewers could be your future superiors, and they should be treated as such! Keep it PG when it comes to your language and how you present yourself. It’s okay to be relaxed and show off your personality, but just remember to sit up straight and always remain respectful.

Not Following Up

You totally rocked that interview and now you’re just going to sit back and hang by the phone. But wait! Following up via email reminds your prospective employer who you are, how well the interview went, and how excited you are to work for them. After a day of interviewing candidates, this small step could make all the difference!