It’s that time of year again! The aisles of pretty much every store you visit are well-stocked with back-to-school supplies just begging to jump into your cart. School supply shopping can be a personal finance nightmare for some people but that doesn’t mean you have to let it happen to you! Check out these easy back-to-school financial hacks to help you get the most for your money.

Visit the Dollar Store First

Rather than heading straight to Staples or Office Depot, make sure you check out your local 99 Cents Only or Dollar Store. There you’ll find everything from pencils and pens to calculators and binders for a fraction of the price. This will leave more money in your budget for larger items, such backpacks, that your kids may have their eyes on.

Stagger Your Purchases

It can be very tempting to get all of your back to school shopping out of the way in one haul. Instead, try staggering your purchases by picking up a few items at a time. Most stores tend to stagger their back-to-school sales, featuring different items each week. Take advantage of each and your saving will add up.

Take Your Amazon App Along For the Ride

When you come across items in the store that seem a bit pricey, pull out your app to see if you can order the item for a better deal. If so,  simply add it to your virtual cart rather than your physical one. You may even want to search Amazon for “back to school clearance” items before heading out. You can find everything from clothing to backpacks for clearance prices.

Check Out Other Online Sales

Never underestimate the power of online clearance sites! If you’re looking for things like backpacks and lunchboxes, check out ebags where you can get name brands at up to 60% off. Hollar is also another great site where you can get amazing deals on most of the items on your list without even leaving your home. If you’re looking for electronic items, NewEgg offers refurbished supplies for a fraction of the retail price.

Leave the Kids at Home

Few of us can forget how sparkly everything looked on the school supply aisle when we were kids. This is why many parents end up making purchases that aren’t exactly the best bargain. Get your kids involved before you hit the store by having them look through ads to get a feel for what kind of things they like. Then, you can head to the store or shop online for the best deal without feeling pressured to settle for less than the best price.