seasonal job

Good paying seasonal jobs are desired for many reasons. Some individuals just want a seasonal job to make some extra money. College students may be looking for a seasonal job just to have something to do or to gain experience in between semesters. The reasonings are endless. What is concrete is that there is a demand for seasonal jobs. Seasonal jobs do not just include jobs for the holiday season either. Various jobs have a different season in which they see an increase in business and need the manpower to cover it. If you’re searching for some seasonal work try one of the ones listed below! We’ve got all of the seasons covered.

A season by another name

A “season” that spans over winter and spring is known to many as tax season. Some love it, others hate it. However, for the individuals that are actually proficient in completing tax returns and understanding tax law, it is a money-making season. Being a tax professional doesn’t require a degree, certification, or any substantial schooling. It simply requires understanding the laws and knowing how to fill out the tax forms. Of course, completing some schooling will help you to learn the necessary info. H&R Block offers an approximately 10-week course that teaches individuals how to do basic taxes and they even will hire people straight from the class! That is, of course, as long as they pass the course and the final test. Working as a tax preparer in an office will earn you a decent amount of money. However, if you can work for yourself you can really make some big bucks! Tax preparation can easily cost a few hundred depending on the forms a person needs.

Quick cash, hard work

If you’re willing to relocate for a few weeks salmon fishing in Alaska could be worth your while. The fishing season there is literally one month. Spanning from the last week of June to the last week of July. If you were to work in Area 5 Bristol Bay in Alaska you could make anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 just for those four weeks. There is a catch though. Area 5 is in a very remote location and can be very difficult and expensive to travel to. If you’re new to the salmon fishing industry, you may want to start out in Areas 1, 2, or 3. Get your experience and then head to Bristol Bay to make some big bucks.

The motion of the ocean

Working on an oil rig pays well, has good accommodations, and has the opportunity to travel away from home. Oil drillers can make anywhere from $56,000 to $80,000 depending on your experience. Drill supervisors and leaders can earn between $75,000 to $100,000. Although you’ll be living on a ship, the living quarters can often be compared to a 4 or 5 hotel. They’ll also feed you, pay for your travel, and cover your boarding. As if those benefits are not enough, the schedule is also pretty good too. Most oil rigs will have you on a 14/21 schedule. The gist of that is that you work 14 consecutive days and you’re off the next 21 days. As good as all of that sounds, you must remember that the actual work is not a walk in the park.

Social butterfly

Social media can be quite lucrative. Especially during the holiday season when companies want to show up their inventory to everyone to entice gift buying.  It seems weird, but you can get paid pretty well as a social media assistant. During the holiday season being a social media assistant can earn you about $17 an hour. That’s right. Posting on social media can earn you some pretty decent bucks. What’s even better about posting on social media is that every season has a need for social media postings. In the spring and summer, it’s festival season. Social media managers and coordinators are needed to spread the word about festivals, share important information about the event, and engage with the audience to get people more excited! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube all require activity and engagement to keep up the hype! You could be the one making that happen. Not to mention doing the social media postings for various events and campaigns for each season not only includes decent pay, but also free entry and other great perks! With so many festivals like Coachella, Made In America, Something In The Water, and others coming, now is the time to reach out and put in those applications to be a part of it.

Adventure Time

For some, regular jobs like tax preparer and marketing strategist are very unappealing. If you enjoy adventure and fun, being a seasonal outdoor leader is probably more your speed. An Outdoor Leader position can pay anywhere between $50-$125 per day, depending on your experience and skill level. Of course, it is an intense job in which you are responsible for the lives and well being of the participants there for the adventure. Wilderness Inquiry does offer extensive training in leadership, wilderness skills, and natural history to make sure you’re ready. It’s definitely not your typical seasonal job, but with good pay and great adventure, it totally sounds worth it! If you don’t want to live life that much on the edge, there are also seasonal positions in cool locations like Alaska. has dozens of various seasonal positions from admin to transportation, cooking, and more. It’d be a perfect opportunity to reside in a new location, learn about a different culture, and get paid to do it. If you don’t want travel as far as Alaska, but you have an interest in being a tour guide in a national park there is a need for that as well. Working for National Parks Service is a federal job so the pay is usually excellent! Just head over to and put in your application for a seasonal position.

But wait! There’s so much more

Whether it’s fall, winter, spring, or summer there is an opportunity with seasonal positions to fulfill! Go out there and apply and make those coins. Start saving for a much-needed vacation or use the extra money to get out of debt. Maybe you need a new car or a downpayment on something. No matter what the reason is, apply! Get out of your comfort box and try something new. You might even discover a new career or passion.