Do you yearn to give in to persistent feelings of wanderlust and explore the world? If you can’t wait to travel but are short on cash, you’re in luck. There are some fantastic ways to see the world without wrecking your wallet, and you might even get paid for your adventures.


Do you have a green thumb or have a passion for animals? If you don’t mind getting a little dirty and can work four to six hours a day, travel using WWOOF. In exchange for learning about life on a farm and doing some meaningful labor, you can enjoy free lodging and food for an honest day’s work. Get in touch with nature, learn about a new culture, and travel for free.

Join the Peace Corps

You can combine a passion for volunteering and travel in one fail swoop. Join a respected organization like the Peace Corps, and enjoy seeing the world while doing good for others. Sign up for a volunteer project that meets your skills and interest, and grab your passport. Be prepared to commit to your travel destination for longer than a few days or a week.

Teach a subject overseas

If you have at least earned a bachelor’s degree, you can work overseas teaching English, or another in-demand subject. You will have to clear a background check and should seek out TEFL certification. There are plenty of programs that are seeking qualified individuals to teach classes to their population, and many offer a stipend, housing, and other accommodations.

Swap the house keys

Hotel rooms can be a bit pricey or dicey, and Airbnb isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you are itching to travel but need comfortable accommodations, consider signing up for a house exchange. Check out a reputable platform to list your property as a vacation home-away-from-home. Connect to people who have a home where you want to travel, and enjoy a vacation that lets you feel more like a local than a tourist.d

Don’t miss out on rewards

If you sign up for specific credit cards or loyalty programs, you can earn travel miles for flights, free or discounted hotel rooms, and other travel perks. Review the requirements for earning travel benefits, and make sure to redeem them before they expire. Check to make sure there are no blackout dates or restrictions for the times you want to travel and be flexible to score deals.