We all want to score big deals when we go shopping—that’s part of the fun, right? It also feels great when you save money on something. Luckily for us, there’s one way that’s almost guaranteed to save you money: shopping online. Here are a few of the best ways to save. 

Extra initiatives

Stores often give more initiatives to their online shoppers than to their in-person customers. When you shop online, for example, you might get the sales tax waived, or there might be more deals listed on the online store than you could find in-person. And, of course, if you get the e-mail coupons, you’re saving money already.

Holding off on your cart

We’ve all gotten to the checkout page and suddenly realized that our total is a lot more than we thought it was going to be. Fear not—just leave some of your items in your cart. If you have an account with that retailer and stay logged in, chances are they’ll send you a notification when the price on your cart-items drop. 

Ship to store

We all know shipping can cost an arm and a leg. But when you’re shopping online, a lot of the time it’s free to have your item shipped to the store instead of to your house. You get all the freedom of shopping online, then you simply pick it up in store to avoid all shipping costs. Win-win!

All things Amazon

Amazon, of course, is our new best friend when it comes to online shopping. With a huge range of options to choose from, from clothes to technology to furniture, it’s a one-stop shopping paradise. Plus it has some of the lowest prices out there—and if the price drops within 30 days of your purchase, you can request a refund of the difference. 

Get that comparison on

Of course, one of the things that makes online shopping really worth it is price comparing. You can hop around to various websites to compare prices instead of standing around a store to do it before you choose which one to buy, or even use price-comparing tools like PriceBlink to do the work for you. Shopping online can really pay off!