Side Gigs

Fatimah Collins/Pixabay

A part-time job seems like a reasonable solution to a lack of money, but juggling two jobs is difficult. There are only 24 hours in a day, and we all have to sleep. So how can you earn extra income? Luckily, the Internet provides many avenues for lucrative, flexible side hustles.

Make YouTube Videos

The key to many forms of making money online is to sell advertising, and YouTube streamlines that otherwise complicated process for you. Even if you’re not destined to be the next YouTube star, anyone who makes quality videos that are useful can gain traction. “How to” videos are popular.

Content Creation

If YouTube isn’t your thing, you can still earn passive income from the books, articles, and videos you create. You can make your own website and sell ads. You can also make a subscription website where people pay monthly for access to your content. Content that teaches sells easily.


Voiceover is an acquired skill, but there are plenty of resources to teach you. If you have a unique voice or are particularly good at articulating, your vocal cords can earn you extra income. Voiceover artists are needed for commercials, YouTube videos, audiobooks, and plenty of other types of content.

Virtual Assisting

A virtual assistant takes care of clerical, marketing, and day-to-day business tasks that can be handled over the Internet. You help entrepreneurs with tasks they don’t have time for. You can sell your services directly to customers, or you can offer your services through an online platform.


Like virtual assisting, you can sell directly to customers or through a platform. Platforms give more exposure when you’re starting out, but they often take a percentage of your earnings. The freelance market for writers, graphic designers, social media marketers, voice over artists, and photographers is ripe for harvesting!