The luckiest people I know love their jobs. They go to work happy and come home happy (if exhausted). The rest of us are not so lucky. Some of us really don’t like our current jobs and suffer for it. However, simply not liking your job is not reason enough to quit. Here are some other signs to show that maybe it is time for a career change.

Not having the chance to advance

Most of us would be greatly pleased to get a promotion. Yes, it may mean more work, but the benefits usually far outweigh the downsides. If you are excelling in your current job and have the ambition to move up but are not being presented with any opportunities to do so, it may be time to look for a different place of employment.

Not getting help when it’s needed

There are few worse feelings than realizing you need a hand with a difficult task, only to find no-one is willing or able to help you. If you are finding this situation happening to you at work, or if you are a relatively green employee who is not being taught what you need to know, that’s a good sign another work environment may be healthier for you.

Not having a decent boss

Most employees can attest that having a good boss can make a job much better and having a bad boss can make it a nightmare. One bad boss is a fluke, and not really a good reason to quit. However, if you are working under multiple bad bosses, especially if they seem to climb the chain of command or are replaced by still more bad bosses, that’s a sign.

Not having any variety

Doing the exact same thing day in and day out, even if it’s something you enjoy, gets boring and frustrating very quickly. It’s important to have a decent amount of change in your day to day work. If your job seems completely one-dimensional, perhaps it’s a sign to quit before you burn out.

Not being able to learn or improve

A job is a large facet of your entire life. Good jobs help employees by challenging them and teaching them new skills, preparing them for bigger and better things and keeping them from growing too complacent. If you never feel like your job is teaching you anything, it may be time to move on.