Are you one of the 6,234,000 looking for work? If so, you’re in the right place. You could massively increase the likelihood of finding employment by making this one change to your LinkedIn profile. Let’s dive in!

The Current Position Field

Chances are, the ‘current position’ on your LinkedIn profile’s blank. This needs to change. Now.

Every day employers are scouring LinkedIn for fresh talent. If you don’t have your ‘current position’ filled in, you’re less likely to show up in search results. This doesn’t mean you have to lie. Instead, create a title that reflects your ‘current position.’ Fill this space with keywords and phrases your potential employers are searching for.

You could use any of the below examples:

  • Researching [insert your industry]
  • Networking with [insert relevant job titles]
  • Studying [insert relevant niche]
  • Applying for jobs [insert the kinds of roles you’re after]

You get the idea!

Things To Avoid

Don’t use phrases like; ‘seeking opportunities.’ At this risk of sounding blunt, it just makes you look desperate. When employers read a profile like this, they wonder why you’re not in demand.

Instead, you need to use your LinkedIn profile to market yourself as an asset.

Other Things You Can Do

In addition to all the above, ask your LinkedIn connections for referrals. This is an effective way of marketing your skills and building a professional network. Additionally, you need to switch on the setting that tells employers you’re looking for a job. This dramatically increases the chances of recruiters reaching out to you directly.

If you notice employers looking at your profile, why not send them a message? Make sure all your communications are highly personalized and thoughtful, this helps to ensure you stand out from your competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your LinkedIn profile today, and take a step closer to scoring your dream job.