Impulse buys

Do you often go shopping with the best of intentions, only to get home and discover you’ve spent a ton of money on junk? Impulse buying can be the death of even the most carefully thought out budget. Here are some quick and easy ways to keep impulse buying from happening to you.

Stop saving your credit cards online

There’s a reason that websites like Amazon use “1-click shopping” offers. The less time you have between seeing something you like and buying it, the more likely you’ll make the purchase. Delete your autosaved credit cards from your phone and computer. Taking a few minutes to enter your payment info will give you more time to consider your purchase.

Make a list of your triggers

Do many of your impulse buys tend to come from a certain store? Are you more likely to buy a bunch of junk when you’re in a bad mood? By becoming aware of when and where you’re likely to engage in impulse buying, you can avoid certain places or shopping at certain times.

Utilize a waiting period

These days, there’s just no need to buy anything on the spot. If you come across a questionable purchase, take a picture of it on your phone. That way you can see if you still want it the next day or week. As long as you have the product’s name and info, you’ll likely be able to find it online even if it’s sold out in the store.

Think the purchase through

There’s nothing worse than buying a cute shirt, only to get home and realize it doesn’t match a thing you own. When shopping for clothing, never buy anything unless you know exactly what you’ll pair it with. If you’re heading to the store, you can even take a photo of your closet so you’ll have it on hand for reference.

Budget for impulse buys

Let’s face it, sometimes impulse buys are kind of fun. If you can’t bring yourself to cut them out of your life altogether, then set aside room for them in your budget. Take out $20, or whatever amount you choose, each month in cash. Use it for unexpected purchases, but cap your impulse buying until the next month when it’s gone.