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There are a lot of health insurance options around and a lot of factors that play into what the cost of those options will be. For a single male, the average cost of health insurance (when bought from the market) is about $418 per month. But what makes it cost that much? And what options do you have to find better prices?

Factors that impact insurance costs

There are a lot of things that could impact the cost of your health insurance from month to month. Whether you smoke (or use tobacco in other ways), where you live, the level of coverage you’ve selected, and your age are all things that could either raise or lower your monthly cost. Of course, that’s assuming you’ve bought your insurance through the marketplace, rather than using your employer.

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Employer-based options

Many employers offer health insurance plans for their employees. Typically, this option is also less expensive, with employers paying for part (or, in some cases, nearly all) of health insurance costs. The average cost that the employer covers varies from state to state, but is still a pretty good option for a lower monthly cost.

Family-based options

Thanks to relatively recent changes in health insurance laws, younger single males can remain on their parents’ insurance up until they turn 26. So, if your parents have an insurance plan (whether privatized or through their employer), they could list you as part of their family plan and you wouldn’t have to pay any additional costs.

Surprising ways to keep costs low

There are also other insurance plans that you can choose and use without breaking the bank. Even if you’re not married, you can sometimes qualify for your partner’s insurance as a domestic partner. Plus, if you choose to have a higher deductible as part of your plan, you might have lower month-to-month costs.

Tips for insurance moving forward

The most important thing to do in order to keep your insurance costs down is to shop for your options — you have a lot of them, so don’t just go for the first one you see. There are even tools that can help you see what you would pay depending on your situation and location. And keep shopping; it’s a good idea to reevaluate your needs from year to year, so you make sure you’re on the plan that’s best for you.