credit reporting

Pretty much everyone should know about the three major credit reporting companies: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. However, many people don’t know that there are numerous small credit reporting agencies that have their own benefits and areas of reporting. Consumers can request their credit report from these companies by contacting them directly.


ChexSystems acts as the credit reporting agency for people’s checking accounts. When a person applies for a new checking account with a bank, that bank will run a check on the person’s history with ChexSystems. ChexSystems keeps information on checking account openings, closings, etc. A negative report from this agency can make it difficult to open new checking accounts.

Certegy Check Services

This credit reporting agency keeps information on consumers’ check writing history. Businesses often use information from Certegy Check Services to determine whether or not to allow a person to make large payments with a check. If you’ve got a bad history with this company, you may find yourself needing to find alternative means of payment on certain things.


Innovis is sometimes referred to as the “fourth credit bureau” because it collects and reports similar information to the big three credit bureaus. However, Innovis also provides ID verification data to companies to help prevent identity theft and fraud. This company also collects information from sources the other agencies often don’t: magazine subscriptions, rent payments, etc.

Clarity Services

Experian owns Clarity Services and uses it to collect information on types of credit transactions that the larger companies don’t often keep track of. This agency focuses on subprime lending, things like payday loans, check cashing, auto title loans, installment loans, and rent-to-own purchases. Data from Clarity Services is used by Experian to create its Clear Early Risk Score for lenders to use when determining risk.

CoreLogic Credco

CoreLogic Credco specializes in providing merged credit reports to major lenders. These reports contain consumer information from all three of the major credit bureaus in one file, allowing businesses such as mortgage lenders and auto loan lenders determine a person’s risk. CoreLogic Credco also gets information from non-traditional credit sources to create a more comprehensive financial picture of consumers.