As we kick off the new year, a lot of us probably have quite a few resolutions we want to get to. One of them should be to start investing our money. Financial experts agree that, whatever stage you’re at in life, it’s smarter to start investing right now.

A resolution you’ll actually get to

First of all, out of all your New Year’s resolutions, it’s probably one of the easiest to achieve (training for a marathon is going to take a lot longer than the time it’ll take for you to invest your money). One easy way to invest is to open a brokerage account, which will let you buy and manage stocks and other investments.


You can even get a “robo-advisor,” which will automatically choose and manage investments for you if you don’t want to be super hands-on with your accounts.

Early investing means bigger payouts

The earlier you invest your money, the longer you’ll be earning money back from whatever investments you’ve made. In one study, researchers found that investing the same amount of money each month from the age of 25-67 (as opposed to the age of 35-67) made a difference of about $300,000, even though their contributions were only about $20,000 apart.


Early investing means more time for your money to work for you, which will give you huge payouts by the time you’re ready to withdraw.

Your money will work harder for you

Leaving your money in a savings account will accrue a little bit of interest, sure—but not much. In a five-year period, $10,000 in a typical savings account will accrue about $500 of interest. That same money, when invested, could give you a return of about $6,000 over five years. 


Let your money do all the heavy lifting, and start investing now. You’ll enjoy bigger payouts in the long run!