Everyone is familiar with coupons, but very few take couponing to the extreme. Which is actually pretty unfortunate because couponing is totally worth it! Of course, like with anything good, there are pros and cons. However, once you see the benefits of couponing you’re sure to jump on board this money train!

Pro – You Save Money

The main benefit in couponing is that you can save money! Even if the coupon for a product is just worth $.75 off you are still saving. At the end of the day, those low amount coupons will add up to be a pretty hefty saving at the end of the transaction.

Con – Clipping Coupons

Although we love that those little squares of paper save us money, we hate that we have to clip them. Clipping coupons can be time-consuming. Once you really get into the couponing swing of things, you might find yourself with multiple papers. Multiple papers mean taking more time to clip the coupons that you need. It’s best to sit down in front of your favorite show and do your coupon cutting. It’ll definitely make the time go by faster. Also, recruit help! Give the kids a pair of kids scissors and have them help you. After all, you are couponing for their favorite snacks.

Pro – Create a Stockpile

A goal of most couponers is to create a stockpile. Stockpiles are great because you no longer have to worry about running out of household items like toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish soap, …etc. Stockpiles also come in handy if you have family coming into town or a gathering like a cookout that might need condiments, napkins, paper plates…etc. For most people, when they need items at the last minute they rush out to the store and pick it up without paying attention to the cost. Last minute shopping is a fast way to pay more than you would normally spend on an item. Have your stockpile armed and ready for any event!

Con – Creating a Stockpile

Having a stockpile really is a positive thing. However, some couponers get carried away. Everyone loves a good deal. It’s addicting. While you’re in the process of creating your stockpile it is easy to go overboard picking up products and get way more than you need or could ever use before the expiration date. When couponing and on the hunt for deals, don’t be greedy. It really helps to plan your trips ahead of time. I know, taking up even more of your time. Planning your coupon trips ahead of time keeps you on track and helps prevent you from going overboard picking up stuff you wouldn’t normally buy.

It’s Worth A Try

There is much more to couponing than just clipping coupons. You have to be organized, which will mean having a binder. You also have to know the different policies at various stores and how to stack your coupons for the best deal. It can be overwhelming and may feel like too much. However, couponing does more than save you money. It helps a person be more organized. It can also be used to spend quality time. There is nothing like family coupon sessions or girls trips to the grocery store. There is also the thrill that you get from couponing when you get a lot of items for a small price. Give couponing a try for 30 days and see if you don’t fall in love with it.