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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s kids have no rules

Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa and his wife, Lisa Bonet (of Cosby Show fame), have two of the cutest kids you’ll ever see. Adorable as they are, Lola Iolani and Nakoa Wolf are rumored to live a life almost as wild as the characters their famous dad has played. 

jason momoa and kids aquamanjason momoa and kids aquaman
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According to sources inside the Bonet-Momoa household, bedtime is but a suggestion for the little ones, and they are allowed full freedom to run amok inside. Despite their seemingly laissez-faire attitude towards parenting, the family appears to be healthy, happy and active, so more power to them!

Elisabeth Moss needs both hands free

Caterers to celebs are used to handling various outrageous requests concerning food prep, accommodating anything from elaborate dietary restrictions to hard-to-find or exotic ingredients. Sometimes, it goes even further, and kitchen staff definitely takes note. 

elisabeth moss interview thinkingelisabeth moss interview thinking
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One worker recalled that, while attending a party for the popular sci-fi show The Handmaid’s Tale, leading lady Elisabeth Moss needed an assistant just to stand by and hold her wine glass all night.

Supposedly, the star needed her hands free to greet incoming guests but also wanted to get her drink on. They do have tables in Gilead, right, Offred? 

George Clooney won’t share his drinks

Speaking of adult beverages, sources close to the famously hunky actor say that he’s very protective of the expensive bottles of liquor he keeps in his personal drink stash. Given the price of certain exclusive top-shelf spirits, it might make sense.

george clooney drinkinggeorge clooney drinking
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He’s been known to mark levels on the containers to ensure that none of his housekeeping staff is tempted to take a taste. Clooney clearly values his high-end libations, but you’d think he would place a bit more trust in the folks taking care of his home. Plus, with a net worth of $500 million, he can afford to share a glass or two.  

Selena Gomez hasn’t outgrown her teenage phase

Popstar Selena Gomez on the other hand, might be a little TOO comfortable with her entourage. The former Disney diva has been called out for her uncanny ability to trash a hotel room in less than 24 hours. 

selena gomez wavingselena gomez waving
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Witnesses to Gomez’s destruction claim the singer has been known to leave makeup stains on sheets, food wrappers and drink bottles strewn about the room, and even the occasional pair of used unmentionables.

It’s almost impressive how one pop princess could easily put rockstars to shame when it comes to hotel room havoc. 

Naomi Campbell is weird about candles

Infamous phone-chucker Naomi Campbell has a reputation for being a lot to handle, as her many assistants can attest. In addition to dodging flying projectiles, people brave enough to work for the supermodel must ensure each room she meets her exacting standards.

naomi campbell lily candlesnaomi campbell lily candles
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This means that before the supermodel arrives, 25 lily-scented candles must be lit and placed strategically around the area: five in the bathroom, 10 in the bedroom, and 10 in the living room.

They can’t just be any candles, though. They have to be luxury brand Diptyque candles, which clock in at about $65 each. That’s some pricey ambiance! 

Kristen Stewart just can’t quit

Kristen Stewart’s household maintenance crew probably wishes their famous boss had healthier habits. The Twilight actress is a known chain smoker and, allegedly, pretty indiscriminate with where she leaves her used butts. 

kristen stewart red carpetkristen stewart red carpet
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Her housekeepers have stated that they consistently find cigarette remnants strewn around the star’s $2.1 million Los Feliz mansion, sometimes in unexpected places like potted plants, the shower and, one time, inside the refrigerator!

It is her house, and she can technically do as she pleases, but would using an ashtray once in a while really be all that hard?   

Demi Moore might be a vampire

Another star who has very specific requirements for her abode is actress Demi Moore. According to tipsters who have worked in her home, Moore is very concerned with  quality of light and likes to keep lamps nice and dim at all times. 

demi moore on red carpetdemi moore on red carpet
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Not that she really needs it with her perennially youthful appearance, but the brat pack beauty only uses a particular type of amber light bulb for its soft, flattering cast. Demi allegedly loves the golden glow so much that she has tons of surplus bulbs packed away, just in case they stop being manufactured for some reason. Now that’s dedication!

Angelina Jolie makes some bizarre requests

A-lister Angelina Jolie depends on her assistants for a lot. With her energetic brood of six kids, she’s been known to travel with an army of nannies – as many as one for each child! Apparently, they have quite a hectic household. 

angelina jolie thinkingangelina jolie thinking
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Movie stars’ kids can be a handful, but keeping an eye on the Jolie-Pitt crew isn’t all these hardworking personnel are responsible for. Sources say that when Angelina’s directorial debut By the Sea bombed in theaters, she gave a copy to all her employees and requested that they only provide positive feedback. One has to wonder if they’d dare to bash their boss’ work even with permission!

Matthew McConaughey talks to his food

If you’re the chef cooking Matthew McConaughey’s meals, you might want to give him some alone time with his food once it’s served. The Dallas Buyer’s Club actor allegedly loves eating so much that he has to stop and take a break from the overwhelming sensations.

matthew mcconaughey thumbs upmatthew mcconaughey thumbs up
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McConaughey feels that the sense of taste is more than just “alright, alright, alright.”  To him, it’s the most intimate of the senses. His taste buds are so highly tuned that he gets the shivers down his spine from his favorite dishes.

He’s even been known to talk to an especially tasty plate. A bit on the strange side, but at least he’s appreciative!

Tom Hanks collects outdated office tools

Another celebrity with a slightly weird obsession is none other than America’s sweetheart, Tom Hanks. The illustrious actor has an extensive collection of typewriters and claims to use them nearly every day! He’s even written a book of short stories inspired by his love of the device. 

tom hanks portraittom hanks portrait
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Even though the typewriter has become obsolete, fanatics of the vintage machinery collect rare models valued for their aesthetics or build quality. Mr. Hanks’ favorite aspect, however, is the satisfying clickity-clack of the keys. As secret passions go, it’s unusual, but could definitely be weirder.

Johnny Depp loves to play dress-up

Johnny Depp is one of those actors who really tries to become each character he portrays. In preparation for his role as Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Depp reputedly camped out in Thompson’s basement, immersing himself in the author’s state of mind.

His penchant for playing characters isn’t confined to his work, however…

johnny depp making facejohnny depp making face
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Guests at the Depp residence can expect to see their host dressed up in various costumes and personas on his days off. It’s actually been rumored that he keeps his Captain Jack costume on hand when he travels – in case of a pirate emergency, perhaps?

Vin Diesel is a big nerd

Vin Diesel has built a brand out of being a macho action star, often being typecast in stereotypical roles like the hardened military man or mobster with nothing left to lose. What you may not know is that Vin loves all things fantasy and is a lifelong fan of the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

vin diesel awards show heartvin diesel awards show heart
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The actor has dropped hints about his nerdy pastime in several films.

One example he has stated that his character from The Last Witch Hunter is based on his D&D alias, Melkor, whose name also appeared as a tattoo on the stomach of his character Xander Cage from XXX. Even tough guys can be geeks! 

Mariah Carey’s kids are living the dream

Celebrity kids often face a lot of struggles growing up in the public eye, and there are some major downsides to being the child of a major star. With that said, there are definitely some perks to make up for it.

mariah carey nick cannon and twinsmariah carey nick cannon and twins
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Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s twins, Monroe and Moroccan, might have to deal with paparazzi on a daily basis, but they also have their own fully stocked candy store inside their home. These kiddos are living every child’s fantasy, with full access to all the sweets they want – and then there’s their gigantic indoor ball pit!

Something tells us they’re going to be just fine. 

Charlie Sheen really likes his dad’s acting

Hopefully, Charlie Sheen’s housekeepers are big fans of the film Apocalypse Now, because the controversial actor supposedly has a TV in his home that plays the flick 24/7. It’s definitely a classic, but that does seem a bit excessive.

charlie and martin sheencharlie and martin sheen
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Theories behind the odd behavior suggest the Vietnam war film and, more specifically Martin Sheen’s involvement, had a huge impression on young Charlie. At just 11 years old, he flew to the Philippines to visit his father on set after the elder Sheen suffered a severe heart attack. It’s no wonder that the experience had such a profound effect on him.   

Madonna is a neat freak

The Queen of Pop can get away with making some ridiculous demands, just by virtue of her incredible fame. Former employees of her household have come forward, saying that they were required to adhere to a macrobiotic diet while working for her, and that TV and newspapers were banned completely.

madonna talk showmadonna talk show
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Madge is also quite the germaphobe, especially in the bathroom.

She allegedly has a rubber-gloved assistant decontaminate every commode before she uses it, and once had every toilet, shower and sink in a French concert venue she performed at removed, fully cleaned and re-installed. Concert bathrooms can be pretty gross, but that’s just overkill.

Britney Spears hides junk food 

Britney’s been through a lot and, when she’s down, she loves to console herself with some good old-fashioned comfort food. Who could blame her? There’s no better cure for the blues than some greasy, salty goodness. 

britney spears glaad awardsbritney spears glaad awards
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What we can blame her for is leaving the remnants of her munchie sessions all over her room! The legendary songstress’s cleaning crew has found partially eaten burgers, fries and desserts under her bed and even between the sheets.

Go ahead and treat yo’self, Brit. Just maybe not in bed. That’s how you get ants.   

Lady Gaga just wants a hug

Generally, a personal assistant’s job is to facilitate every aspect of their assigned celeb’s life. They handle appointments, fetch food and other “necessities” and stick close by their charge’s side as they jet around the world. 

lady gaga looking over shoulderlady gaga looking over shoulder
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Sometimes, like in the case of Lady Gaga and her former assistant, they can get really, really close. Maybe too close. Gaga, it seems, gets lonely at night and prefers to have her PAs sleep in the same bed, so they can cuddle (and probably handle requests that arise in the middle of the night). Let’s hope she at least springs for a king size to keep things professional. 

Justin Bieber had personal relationships with his staff members

Rumors made their way around Hollywood that Justin often slept with staff members, for example, he was caught in bed with his maid. Could it have been the convenience of always having someone there or maybe it was a deep emotional connection no one saw coming?

Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images

Either way, now its a thing of the past as Beebs is all locked up with his wife, Hailey Bieber. Its pretty crazy to think he entirely dodged this potentially career-altering scandal.

Miley Cyrus refuses to house-train her pets

It was revealed that Miley doesn’t believe in house-training her pets, which must only mean there’s always a mess to be cleaned up. A former employee recalled that there were often potty accidents all over the house and the mansion smelled awful.


Maybe when you have that much space in a mansion to roam about, you don’t feel the need to clean up a mess, but rather escape it. But then again, maybe she has someone to pick up after her pets these days…

Christian Bale’s assistant has the worst job ever

Christian Bale could probably use a few healthy boundaries between himself and his aides. His former assistant claimed that he did absolutely everything for his employer, including feeding and caring for his pets, even stray possums that wandered into the yard. 

Christian Bale smilingChristian Bale smiling
Image by NurPhoto via Getty Images

He also made sure the Batman actor was red carpet ready by going on last-minute runs for clean socks or even giving his pits one last smell-check to make sure that the star was B.O. free. Even the Dark Knight’s loyal manservant, Alfred Pennyworth, wouldn’t go that far…would he?  

Jennifer Lopez has a lot and pays a little

Jennifer Lopez started out as “Jenny from the Block,” but now that she’s a multi-millionaire, it seems she may have lost touch with her humble roots. Rumor has it that she’s earned quite the unflattering nickname amongst her employees. 

jennifer lopez getting in carjennifer lopez getting in car
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They’ve started calling her “Pay-low” based on the paltry wages she pays workers – allegedly only about half of what they’d earn at a similar position for another celeb. Keeping up a mansion is a huge undertaking. You’d think the star (who makes $40 million a year) could afford to pay a fair price for work.

Ariana Grande wants a ride

Powerful yet petite vocalist Ariana Grande has a bit of a reputation as a prima donna. She’s been known to make specific requests about the side she’s photographed on (only the left, or else!) and the type of lighting that can be used on set. 

Ariana Grande met galaAriana Grande met gala
Image by Taylor Jewell via Getty Images

She’s also quite precious about her feet touching the ground, requesting to be carried around like a baby by her assistants after rehearsals. The star clapped back on social media, claiming her feet were “bleeding” after a grueling practice session, but fans remained skeptical.

Just because she’s about the same height and weight as a large child doesn’t mean she needs to be treated like one.

Jennifer Aniston bares it all at home 

Jennifer Aniston has nothing to hide and she’s not afraid to show it. The Friends actress works hard for her killer bod, and she isn’t shy about displaying the results of her intense personal training sessions – even to her neighbors and household staff. 

jennifer aniston red carpetjennifer aniston red carpet
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Insiders have stated that Aniston has answered the door and walked around in barely-there nighties or bathing suits that leave very little to the imagination. She’s also been known to enjoy a topless sunbathing session. It might be a bit shocking to her employees but, hey, at least she’s comfortable in her own skin! 

Paula Abdul’s house has gone to the dogs

Most people know that Paula Abdul is a judge on American Idol, but far fewer know that she has an army of tiny dogs living in her house. Her personal staff, however, are reportedly all too aware of the pups’ presence. 

paula abdul and dog on red carpetpaula abdul and dog on red carpet
Image by Gregg DeGuire via Getty Images

They say it’s pretty hard to ignore, especially since Abdul lets the little guys use her mansion like their personal bathroom. Service workers have said that they had to dodge “landmines” in her entryway whenever they came to work, and were usually responsible for cleaning up the stinky messes. 

Paris Hilton’s dogs live like royalty

Little dogs rule the roost at Paris Hilton’s place too. The hotel heiress turned reality star loves her petite pets so much that she’s spoiled them with their very own puppy-sized mansion. True to form for Hilton, everything about this “dog house” is 100% over the top! 

paula abdul and dog on red carpetpaula abdul and dog on red carpet
Image by @hiltonpets via Instagram

The doggy dream home is outfitted with all kinds of luxurious details: an elegant wrought-iron staircase, crystal chandelier, designer furniture, air conditioning and even a second-floor balcony! With amenities like those, the Hilton pets are living any pup’s dream life. Think they welcome house guests?   

Tom Cruise has a very private gym

Over the years, Tom Cruise must have absorbed some of the military strictness from his action movie roles and applied it to his daily life. The Top Gun movie star has been known to be extremely rigorous and uncompromising in terms of the management of his household. 

tom cruise and katie holmestom cruise and katie holmes
Image by Stephen Lovekin via Getty Images

His personnel say that he’s a neat freak and has extensive rules for not only his workforce, but also his family! An inside source even testified that while Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes were married, she was not allowed to use several rooms in the house, including his private in-home gym. Who could have possibly seen that divorce coming? 

Martha Stewart hates red shoes

Ironically, DIY maven Martha Stewart is seemingly too busy running her retail empire to customize her own closet. She’s a big fan of the high-end shoe brand Louboutin, but can’t stand their signature cherry red bottoms. 

Martha Stewart at build eventMartha Stewart at build event
Image by Gary Gershoff via Getty Images

Martha’s solution to the problem is to have her helpers take the $700 shoes and dye the bottoms a more sensible black. As celebrity demands go, this isn’t an awful one, but maybe next time someone should chime in and suggest that she buy a different shoe brand to save some time and energy. Just sayin’. 

Frank Sinatra couldn’t be contained

Even celebrities back in the day had some pretty big secrets to conceal. George Jacobs, who was ’50s crooner Frank Sinatra’s longtime personal valet, spilled the beans about Old Blue Eyes’ personal life…his really personal life. 

frank sinatra blue backgroundfrank sinatra blue background
Image by Michael Ochs via Getty Images

According to Jacobs, the Rat Pack heartthrob had to wear specially constructed underwear that provided some heavy-duty coverage while performing onstage. He was apparently gifted with more than just a great singing voice and didn’t want the audience to be too, ahem, “distracted.” Although it’s been confirmed by multiple sources, this definitely seems like a rumor that Sinatra himself would start.  

Jim Carrey keeps people on their toes

Flexible funnyman Jim Carrey has brought smiles to many with his distinctive antics but, apparently, things behind the scenes can get a bit more serious. Carrey went public in 2009 about his struggles with mental illness and how it has affected his life.

jim carrey looking down red carpetjim carrey looking down red carpet
Image by Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

Unfortunately, the comedian’s staff also suffered when depression reared its head. Accounts say that he often had a short fuse and lashed out when he was in a foul mood, which could be unexpected since he was known for wild emotional swings. These days, he’s doing much better and, hopefully, so are his employees.  

Rob Lowe expects a lot of his staff

How does one even get to become the personal assistant of a big star?

Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe advertised his requirements for the position online last time he was looking to hire, and the posting is illuminating, to say the least.

jim carrey looking down red carpetjim carrey looking down red carpet
Image by Jason Kempin via Getty Images

The gig pays $70k annually and requires the applicant, among other things, to lift up to 25 pounds, provide Mr. Lowe with coffee and food on demand, schedule appointments and make sure his Jacuzzi is hot and bubbly before he arrives home. Ominously, the ad also states that, if hired, they should “never assume anything.”  

Sandra Bullock is a protective mama

Sandra Bullock dotes on her two adopted kids, Laila and Louis, and is known for being pretty protective of them concerning the public’s prying eyes. She’s often seen shielding their faces from the press while out and about. 

sandra bullock bird box premieresandra bullock bird box premiere
Image by Isa Foltin via Getty Images

Her predilection for privacy continues even behind closed (and locked) doors. The Miss Congeniality star’s close contacts allege that she insists on keeping window shades drawn at all hours of the day for her family’s security. The lack of sunlight sounds a little depressing, but it’s probably better than constantly being on public display. 

Jessica Simpson sheds hair like a sheepdog

’90s pop darling Jessica Simpson made big bucks on her line of branded hair extensions, and often wears the faux locks herself when she wants to change up her look. Unfortunately, her passion has proved to be something of an issue for her domestic assistants.

Jessica Simpson smilingJessica Simpson smiling
Image by Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Simpson supposedly leaves a trail of fake tresses and eyelashes wherever she goes, with no intention of tidying up. Cleaners are forced to sift through mounds of human hair in order to do their assigned duties, which, frankly, is pretty gross. At least they know how to track her down if she ever gets lost!