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Little Johnny just got home from school. He’s very excited when his mom tells him the family is going out to eat for dinner. As he sits down at the restaurant, he’s shocked to see that his favorite teacher, Ms. Smith, is their waitress. Unfortunately, this scenario is becoming commonplace for modern students.

As a rule, teachers don’t make enough money to survive without a second job. In addition, the fact that the cost of living is high in many areas, a lot of teachers also carry student loan debt from the degrees they’ve earned. However, there are a few states where educators are paid exceptionally well.

New York

Public school teachers can make big money in the Big Apple (and the surrounding cities of the state of New York).

According to Time, New York is the best state in the United States to be a teacher.  The average annual salary for educators in New York is over $79,000 a year. That averages to more than $6,000 per month, including the summer.


The average salary for Californian classroom directors is a little over $77,000, which is slightly more than $6,000 a month. While this is a high annual income, the unusually high cost of living in some parts of California must also be taken into consideration.


The average teacher in Massachusetts brings home a coffer just shy of $77,000 a year, which is still in the ballpark of roughly $6,000 a month. That’s worth dealing with harsh winters!

Although moving to and being hired at a school in one of these three states is much easier said than done, new graduate teachers who can land a job in a high paying state set themselves up for a better financial future.