holiday season

stevepb / pixabay

Going into the holiday season already in debt can be stressful. While you want to shower your loved ones with gifts this holiday season, there’s no reason to bury yourself in debt. You can put a stop to the usual overspending and commercialism and take back the holidays. Here are a few meaningful gift ideas to help you show you care without spending a ton of money.

Give the gift of memories

You can give personal and thoughtful gifts without breaking the bank by giving something homemade. If you have children, give your family members framed photos of your little ones. You can buy inexpensive frames for as little as a dollar and even print the pictures at home. If someone in your family has recently passed away such as a grandmother, dig up some old photos of them to frame for your family members. Everyone will be touched to unwrap a photo of someone dear to them.

Give a free experience

No matter where you live, there are always fun things to do that don’t cost any money. You can make up a certificate to print out and give to your family members telling them you’re taking them on an outing. The outing can be a free day at a museum or a trip to a local attraction that is free to the public. Not only will they be excited to go check out something fun, but you both will also have a day together to look forward to.

Invite someone to a meal

This year, give your friends or family a night over at your house for some food and good company. Rather than opening up a box with a sweater they will want to return, make up an invitation for a small gathering. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or channel Martha Stewart. The dinner can be something simple and fun like making your own pizzas together. You can even bust out some old board games and make a game night out of it. Spending a fun time together is a gift you can’t put a price tag on.

Provide a helpful service

We all have friends or family members who could use an extra hand. Offer to help someone you love with the gift of your time. If someone on your list has small children, offer to babysit them for a night so they can take some time for themselves. You could also offer to clean a grandparents house or treat them to a freshly mowed lawn or shoveled driveway. These gifts will only cost you your time and you’ll be helping someone you love.

Make someone a treat

Homemade baked goods are always welcomed around the holidays. Don’t worry if you aren’t a baking wizard. A nicely wrapped box of cookies you made using pre-made cookie dough will still go a long way. If you’re a pro in the kitchen, try canning pasta sauce or jams. Fruit and vegetables are fairly inexpensive and you’ll get a lot of jars out of most recipes.