You probably wouldn’t imagine throwing away most of the food you picked up at the grocery store. However, food waste triggered by spoilage, poor portion sizes, and a lack of creativity is leading to empty plates and pockets. Consider how you can help save the planet, improve your finances, and reduce hunger by rethinking your relationship with food.

Yes, soup for you

Food scraps of vegetables or bone, otherwise destined for the trash, can be easily repurposed into a delicious and nutritious broth for soups. Take any leftover bones or vegetable remnants, and boil it in a pot of water with some salt or pepper to taste. Strain the contents and use for making homemade soup.

Much appeal for peels

Did you know that most of the nutrients in fruits and some vegetables are hidden in the peel? Enjoy the flavors and textures of orange peels, potato peels, and other typical food waste. Choose to either candy the peels with some sugar, fry the peels into chips, or place the peels in neutral oils to infuse it with flavor.

Re-grow your garden veggies

Instead of spending time at the produce section, did you know you could grow new veggies from scraps? Foods like celery, lettuce, ginger, beets, and parsnips can all regenerate to be used for your next dish. Simply place the scraps in water or soil for them to take root, and a new plant is yours to enjoy.

Savor new flavors with saute

Wilted green leafy vegetables that have lost their visual appeal and luster, can be given a second life with a bit of olive oil sauteed in a pan. Give the green leafy tops of carrots, tired looking lettuce, and other tasty greens a chance on your plate. Get creative and add seasonings, and enjoy with a cup of homemade soup.

Plan for what’s on your plate

Being prepared by planning ahead is one of the first ways you can readily reduce food waste, and save money. Try to focus on creating meals centered around some foundational ingredients, which are versatile enough to be used for soups, or regrown as houseplants. Consider your portion sizes and utilize your imagination to discover exciting ways your food can be eaten.