Don’t Waste Your Money

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes, it takes a little more creativity to get your budget where it needs to be. Whether you’re in a crunch for quick cash or looking to get innovative with your savings strategies, here are a few extreme ways to stack that cash.

Cut the Cord on Electronics

An easy way to save money, albeit extreme, is to ditch cable, internet, and even your mobile phone. Unless you really need a smartphone for your job, consider cutting these costs to save money quickly. Try reading a good book for entertainment or checking your email at the library. After all, the library is free!

Downsize Living Spaces

Tiny houses have been making waves lately and for good reason. Cutting down on the square footage of your living space will dramatically decrease your bills, like electric and gas. If you can’t quite transition to the tiny house lifestyle, consider moving into an apartment to reduce your utility bills and maintenance costs.

Cut out Meat and Dairy

Adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet can save you loads at the grocery store. That is, as long as you eat produce that’s in season and skip out on the specialty replacement products. Even if you can’t give up meat completely, try cutting it out of your diet a few days a week to reduce costs. Not to mention, rice and beans are about the cheapest groceries you can find.

Find a Cheap Date

The company you keep can easily influence your spending habits. Try spending time with friends who know how to have fun without dropping money on food, booze, or other pricey forms of entertainment. A deck of cards will run you a couple dollars, and playing card games can keep you entertained for hours.


When it comes to household cleaning products, creating your own is the way to go. All-purpose cleaners, dish soap, and even toothpaste can be made at home at a fraction of the cost of premade items. A lot of DIY cleaning agents use similar products, so you can stretch your savings even further by buying ingredients in bulk.