Finances can be stressful. What’s more, the stress you have about your finances may actually cause you to overspend. Instead of letting money stress you out, take the reigns of your budget and try out these five helpful tips to make personal finances a little bit easier to manage.

Create A Budget

The first step in de-stressing about your cash is actually understanding how much is going in and out. Setting up a budget will help you better understand your spending habits and which areas you should cut down on. Try creating a budget with a friend or significant other to keep each other motivated.

Find Positives In Your Financial Situation

Celebrate the little victories. Making a big payment to your credit card bill or reducing your student loan payments considerably are just a few examples of positive finance moves you can celebrate to keep you motivated. However, don’t go overboard and celebrate with funds that you don’t actually have.

Set Attainable Goals

Setting goals will help you feel more financially stable, but it is important to make sure the goals can be attained. Setting yourself up for failure will only make your financial stress worse. For instance, if you are craving a vacation, try saving a smaller amount for a cheaper hiking trip with a friend rather than waiting forever to save enough money to explore Europe.

Find A Side Hustle

Extra work is everywhere, it’s really just a matter of looking. If you have already looked at your budget and need the extra income, seek out a side gig to help offset any debt you may have or beef up your savings account. Dog walking, taking surveys, reviewing products, and more are all side hustles that can improve your cash flow.

Let Technology Do The Work

These days, there’s an app for everything. Take advantage of that. Instead of stressing about overdue bill fees, find an app that will pay your bills on time, every time. There are also apps that help people budget their income and bills, invest in stocks, and track their savings goals. Hello, financial freedom!